Download key generator for Genarts Sapphire v7.03 for Avid AVX Products

Sapphire for Avid visual effects software increases your productivity, quality output, and helps you add organic transitions complete with customized parameters that can improve quality and fix unexpected problems. We designed Sapphire for Avid plug-ins to render work quickly without compromising quality and to work seamlessly across artists, platforms, or studios, saving valuable time and money. TV shows, films, trailers, music videos, and promos can all be made more engaging and impactful with Sapphire visual effect plug-ins. When you invest in Sapphire, you gain the ability to turn work around quickly, while preserving the storyline, thereby increasing audience engagement and maximizing the value of content.
What's new?:
Experience Sapphire 7 for Avid!
PanAndZoom (Avid only) - A new tool that allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate large image files. It also has stylistic options to add drop shadow, vignette, and MotionBlur.
Beauty - A new effect that leverages the new EdgeAware technology to beautify talking heads by softening and color correcting skin tones.
EdgeAwareBlur - Powered by our new EdgeAware technology, this effect allows you to blur while preserving detail.
Advanced Sharpen - The Sharpen tool has been updated with the ability to sharpen features of different amounts and sizes for increased flexibility and control.
LensFlare - Now enhanced with faster rendering, animation options, atmospheric noise, and presets to duplicate popular real-world lenses.
Zap - Updated to include 3D rotation and the option to follow a path, giving you the option to control the shape it takes.
MotionBlur - Has been added to many effects, giving them a more realistic look.
New Transitions - FilmRoll and CardFlip are two new dynamic transitions with multiple controls to diversify the output. FlutterCut has been enhanced with more options including new controls and color options.
Faster - Added GPU support for more plug-ins and an optimized GPU code to provide up to a 20% speed increase per effect
More presets - Over 2,500 presets
Preset sharing - Now you can share presets across host platforms (for Autodesk conversion, please contact us directly)
Real time rendering (Avid only) - Many effects now have real time rendering
New in 7.03:
Fixed some problems when loading projects created with Sapphire v3.
Flare Designer: fixed long pauses when removing many elements.
Flare Designer: fixed several minor UI glitches.
PresetBrowser: Improved handling when the preset browser can't write to the cache.
PresetBrowser: Fixed the count indicating how many presets are in each category.
Sapphire plug-ins now display a dialog in the host while communicating with the Preset Browser or Flare Editor. Canceling the host dialog will close the larger window in case it becomes invisible or otherwise unusable.
Preset Browser now starts up faster and is interactive while rendering the preset thumbnails.
LensFlare: improved rendering speed of many flares and fixed some minor artifacts.
Host Platform
Avid Media Composer 3.0 or greater
Avid Media Composer Meridien 8.0
Avid Symphony 3.0
Avid Xpress Pro 5.0
Avid Xpress DV 3.0 or greater
Avid Xpress 2.0
Avid Newscutter 3.0 or greater
Avid DS or DS Nitris 10.5