Download key generator for Raylectron Render Plugin for Sketchup v2.65

Raylectron Render Plugin for Sketchup v2.65 x86.x64
Turn your Trimble Sketchup 3D models into photorealistic images. View your renders in Stereoscopy, no hardware required!
Raylectron a photorealistic renderer for Trimble Sketchup. The technology, which is based on a module is unique in contrast to the others. Developed on the basis of the light, it can work faster, while respecting the basic fundamental laws of physics. The use of different proprietary algorithms developed over many years of research by SoftByte Labs, allows to achieve photo-realistic output without the need for complex material settings (you can not tell from the photo rendering).
In fact Raylectron so simple and easy to work with it, everyone can. Raylectron uses three different technologies, each is as simple as the others. Depending on the requirements, photorealism can achieve less than a minute, well, for perfectionists, stop on reaching perfection!
Instantiation ...
Have you ever tried to duplicate the high poly model tree a hundred times? ... And throwing this thing, because Sketchup use all the memory and virtually no reaction? Yes, easily, and we have the solution. Instantiation of components and groups can duplicate any component or group without increasing the number of polygons and memory. In fact, each instance is only 12 landfills, regardless of the number of polygons of the original. Create huge forests, large metropolitan areas, grass, etc.
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