Download key generator for Sample Logic The Elements VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRID

This 13.5 GB/ 4 DVD library contains over 1700 instruments, tempo synced loops and multis, designed with you in mind. "The Elements" operates on both Mac and PC platforms and is delivered in Audio Unit, VST, DXi and RTAS format.
The library comes preloaded with Kontakt Player 2 software and is ready to go out of the box as both, a standalone instrument and plugin. The library can also be loaded and customized in the full version of Kontakt 2.
"The Elements" is a collection that will transform your work, pushing the envelope beyond today?s standard of music and sound design. Since the instruments are broken up into intuitive elements, you won?t wast any time browsing through unneeded sounds.
These cutting-edge instruments were crafted to exite, inspire and electrify, practically begging you to create.The library is packed with deadly, ear scraping ambience to serene melodic choirs, glitched out distorted beats to funky harmonic guitar licks, woofed out basses to spine bending transitional impacts, traditional brass ensembles to psychedelic spirals of exotic colors. And with a bunch of extra sounds made from unicorns, hobbits and dragons, this library is sure to be fun for the whole family!
Sample Logic is proud to present the 6 Elements of music:
Ambience (456 patches)
Bass (122 patches)
Harmony (138 patches)
Impacts (391 patches)
Melody (354 patches)
Rhythm (227 patches)