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[Tasman Bay Navigation Systems Expedition v8.8.2
Expedition is a powerful software designed for the ocean navigators that need to plan routes. The program provides you with multiple tools for yacht navigation and can be used successfully for navigation competitions. You can use the program to read and consolidate the information received from multiple instruments such as radars, GPS devices and various compasses.
Here are some key features of "Expedition":
Can optimize the yacht course
Advanced weather display and tools
Supports weather routing
System requirements:
Windows 7 or 8 with a graphics processor is recommended.
Windows XP is not recommended in the medium term as Microsoft software used to develop Exp will not support XP easily. Also, some Exp features are not available when used on XP.
Updates - 8.8.2
NMEA 2000 update,
Grib2 update,
Tidal currents update,
Bravo Systems updates,
Cosworth update.