Download key generator for MAGIX Best Service Engine v2.1.0.224 UNLOCKED -Dr.Mehdi.Swensen

Sample player unlocked for YellowTools/BestService (E-Licensor protected) & MAGIX Independence (Vita/Protein protected) libraries & also some old YellowTools (WibuKey protected) libraries.Engine is a fully customizable multi-page sample player specially designed for a variety of sample libraries and virtual instruments. It was developed in cooperation by Magix (former Yellow Tools) and Best Service and is based on the Independence Sampler Technology.
All Engine-based products are fully compatible with the powerful software sampler Independence 2 or newer - so you can also use the ENGINE products to expand your Independence library - of course including all Independence parameters and features .
- improved Add Library function
- fixed crash when changing layers
- enhanced Audio Browser fuctionality
- corrected Drag&Drop crashes
- fixed a legato problem leading to crashes