Download key generator for Synapse Audio - Orion 8.5

Synapse Audio - Orion 8.5 x86
Panel no longer flicker when you click on them.
Debugged drawing some VST, incorrectly display previously.
Debugged function key assignments on the Transport team MIDI, do not always work correctly.
The errors function Song Merge.
Export to MP3 in a 64-bit version now works.
Incorrect display of the level on the meter fixed.
Glitches with the sound when moving or scrolling windows fixed.
Gluck drawing cursor moving window fixed.
Debugged update values ??Song Length, incorrectly updated when adding large patterns.
Debugged work scroll wheel mouse.
Fixed effect Simple reverb Do not open properly in older projects.
Fixed a bug with the inscription Audio Input is not drawn properly on expanded playlist.
Pressing [Alt] + [-] to open the MDI-window calls hang debugged.
Drop-down list of patterns in the playlist does not always work - debugged.
Fixed a bug with the VST-effect PSP-85", falls after insertion.
Debugged work function Receive MIDI from ... with VST-effects.
Fixed problems drawing plugins IL plugins.