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Helicon Filter 5 - a powerful, full-featured graphics editor c intuitive interface, fast preview, context-sensitive help at the bottom of the screen which guarantee the easy processing of the photos for beginners.
The programme is built step by step as a sequence of actions, holding You through all stages of processing photos. Helicon Filter also has many advanced features of processing of images, which will attract the attention of professional photographers.
Some of the most interesting and unique features:
A unique mechanism of selection of objects (brush selection)
Filtration of dust on the sensor
Compensation haze
Regulation of the spectral sensitivity of the applied filters
Filter chromatic aberration
Unique tools noise correction, brightness, color, retouch
File management:
Automatically create a copy of a file when opening for its further processing (non-destructive editing). photos remains unchanged
Support for all popular file types, including all RAW
The fastest browser
Rotation operations, copy, delete, move, rename
Full EXIF and IPTC information
Support for color profiles
Noise reduction:
Automatically detect the level of noise
Selective reduction of noise in the highlights and shadows, at a certain shade, in the color range
Filter defective pixels and dust on the the sensor of the camera
Map of the noise
S-curve brightness or equalizer brightness to adjust the brightness in a narrow range)
Gradient compensation haze
The brightness of the Lights And Shadows
Contrast, Gamma, The Exposition Of The
Local contrast
Levels (black point and white point)
Adjust the size of the zones of the filter
Warning exposure, showing out-of-range in highlights and shadows
Setting the white balance on the gray or other color
The active color map and RGB sliders for manual adjustment of the white balance
List of colors memory (types of skin, green, sky, etc.)
Separate saturation for bright and pastel colors
Equalizer for selective saturation
Spectral-sensitive controls shades
A large set of regulated mechanisms of black-and-white conversion
Warning exposure
The elimination of the chromatic aberration of the high-contrast areas (such as the sun behind the trees)
Fine selection of parts
Sharpens the borders
Threshold setting, preventing increasing the sharpness noise
Control the white and the black halo (border border)
Equalizer to enhance the sharpness of the selected color range
Correction vignetting (darkening or lightening of the corners of the frame)
Correction of convexity/concavity
Correction prospects
Rotation, compression, a stretching
Slope, bending
Pre-installed popular paper sizes, resolution monitors, mobile phones
Proportional allocation (e.g., 2:3, 3:4, defined by the user)
The mechanism of completion of the images in the corners when turning
The scope of:
The mechanism of the rapid formation of the framework
A large set of types and parameters of the scope of
Capture the color for the frame or select from a palette
Brush 'to Remove defects' for the removal of defects, wires, acne on face, and etc.
Brush 'Clone' (similar to Photoshop)
Brush 'Change the brightness of the' for a local change of brightness
Brush 'to Change the color', to draw a color or change locally shade
Brush 'to Change the color saturation'
Brush 'Blur/make sharper'
Brush 'Correct noise'
Brush 'Remove "red eye" '
Brush 'Distort', to correct protruding ears, facial expression, the volume and the form of a bust, figures, and other similar problems
Brush 'Erase changes'to locally to remove the effect of the hands and/or filters applied previously
All of the hand may be sensitive to the borders and change stiffness (intensity from the center to the edge)
The image can be saved in the computer, sent by e-mail, printed, published on the Internet
Formats supported are JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF (24-bit, 48-bit lzw compression), PNG, PSD, BMP
Dialog save shows the size of the file to the specified quality and format
Advanced features:
Multi-processor support
Batch processing photos for any set of filters
Support for external plugins
Support for custom settings
16-bit precision processing of the photos
- TwinView window to use second monitor or 3D TV for previewing
- New Stereo tab and bunch of stereo functions
- WIC support for RAW files