Download key generator for RichDirt2 RichScene for 3ds Max 2011-2012-2013

Do you want to render more realistic facades (and more) ? RichDirt is a fast and easy way to enRich your renderings by adding simple and advanced dirt effects and give them a dramatically real look. Now you can age your 3D surfaces and give them a stained real look just the way dust, rain and water flows affect the look of actual buildings.
Do you want to spend less time ? Apply the desired effects on wall edges, windows and even the thinnest objects such as tiles and bring them to life. Impress with never before seen quickly generated dirt effects that you can easily control with a few clicks. RichDirt works for 3ds Max with mental ray and V-Ray.
Choose a preset. A text description of each preset is displayed below.
S S R R2
The three small buttons S S and R can be used to Save a custom preset, to Save default values of RichDirt, in case you prefer different default values. The R button can be used to Reset the default values. Note: RichDirt Extreme users can have a description how to change/configure -each- of the presets individually via ini-files (1 ini file for every preset).
Add here a color or a texture map. Typically this would be the texture/color that you use for the diffuse slot of your material. The clean color is used when no obstacles/occlusion is found.
Add here a color or a texture map. This is used where RichDirt finds an obstacle/occlusion.
Ambient Occlusion
Enables classical ambient occlusion.
Inner Occlusion
Enables inner occlusion (IO). What is the benefit of Inner Occlusion ? Inner occlusion allows to tint the edges of any object (AO would only generate contact shadows).