Download key generator for Cakewalk Percussion Strip and Vocal Strip PX-64 and VX-64 for Sonar X2a

PX-64 Percussion Strip - is a seven-stage processor designed specifically for shaping drum and percussion sounds. Like the VX-64 Vocal Strip, the PX-64 Percussion Strip employs Cakewalkfs exclusive tube saturation algorithms with unique filtering and auto-leveling circuitry technologies. Combining transient shaping, compression, expansion, equalization, delay, and tube saturation in one convenient plug-in, the PX-64 Percussion Strip includes 70 go-to presets along with click & drag reordering of processing stage routing, making it fast and easy to enhance any drum or percussion track in seconds.
PX-64 Percussion Strip is a 7 stage multi-effects processor that simplifies the art of dialing in your drum sounds by combining and optimizing the essential effects you need: EQ, compressor, expander, transient shaper, delay, and dual-stage saturator. Whether youre dealing with a poorly micd kit, need to remove room noise, or just want to adjust the EQ, the PX-64 Percussion Strip instantly provides amazing sounding results.
VX-64 Vocal Strip - is a seven-stage processor designed for sculpting incredible sounding vocal tracks. Each of the VX-64's stages have been fine-tuned to be vocal-specific, taking the work out of loading an entire chain of vocal processors. The VX-64 features a new Cakewalk technology that employs phase-coherent, multi-band saturation to avoid unwanted distortion; unique filtering to avoid artifacts at extreme high and low frequencies; and an auto-leveling circuit that prevents the tube saturation from sounding too harsh when high gain transients are processed by it. VX-64 also employs a new de-essing algorithm designed with Cakewalk's LP-64 linear phase effect filtering technology to remove sibilance without creating any frequency smearing. The VX-64 includes 64 go-to presets and click & drag reordering of processing stage routing, making it fast and easy to get high quality vocals in seconds.
Processing stages include:
* Input - simulates a tube pre amp.
* De-esser - removes sibilance without smearing.
* Compander - vocal compressor with expander to reduce unwanted background noise.
* Tube EQ - for adding character, ranging from subtle warmth to intense heat.
* Doubler - advanced doubling effect providing the quality of actual re-tracking.
* Delay - preset delays useful for vocal tracks with tempo sync.
* Output - provide saturation control with a built in soft-clipping filter.