Download key generator for Crysonic ANUNA 1.0

AnunA is 64/32 Bit Native for Both PC and Mac OS Mastering EQ, one of our finest in Pure & True Analog Based True Volume Preserving and Next Generation Proportional EQ for Mastering, Mixing, Tracking.
AnunA represents the clasic uniqueness of a Crysonic Plugin, Simple to use, quick results that just sound great in almost all Mastering situations and audio material. No other plugin allows you to 'hear' the underlying Effect of a true Analog Volume Preserving EQ during Mastering, empowering you to manipulate and craft your sound for an ultimate and replicable pro Audio result.
AnunA allows you to set your own Proportional Q Curve have the option to tweak them globally for that your precision required in all Pro Audio work.
AVAILABLE FOR Mac OSX and PC (Native 64/32 Bit UB on the Mac)
True Virtual Analog Simulation
Volume Preservation during tweaking
Adjustable Proportional Q
ZERO Latency
Very CPU efficient can be used on every track
Full 64-bit internal precision
Full Automation of all dials
Amazing UI