Download key generator for Mindjet MindManager 2012 v11.2.185

Mindjet MindManager Pro 10 transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking, and business information into blueprints for action, enabling teams and organizations to work faster, smarter, and with greater coordination. It extends core mapping functionality with a host of simple tools-collaboration, distribution, administration-making it easy for business professionals to quickly deliver bottom-line benefits enterprise-wide.With Mindjet MindManager Pro 6, you will:
Capture, analyze, and repurpose information from a variety of sources
Streamline business processes and speed decision making
Easily ensure all "stakeholders" stay informed, involved, on task.
Industry-leading Information Visualizations
Easily lay out, organize and work with ideas and information in a wide variety of interactive visual formats including information maps, outlines, Gantt charts, organization charts, tree diagrams and a special brainstorming mode.
Project & Task Management
Improve project planning by brainstorming and tracking task details, automatically calculating summary tasks and optimizing resource utilization. View MindManager, Outlook and SharePoint* tasks in the new synchronized Gantt view or export tasks to Microsoft Project.
Information Map Presentations
Showcase your ideas and increase engagement using MindManager's automated presentation view or customizable slide shows. With MindManager's dynamic presentations, you'll easily tailor the level of details presented for each audience and capture critical feedback right in the presentation.
Integrations & Sharing
Save time and benefit from powerful integrations. Access and update Microsoft Office files within MindManager's integrated browser. Import from Microsoft Word and Project. Export to Word, Project or PowerPoint. Display dynamic Outlook or Excel content. Export web pages, images, PDF files and more. Or, share hosted interactive map files with anyone on the web even if they do not have MindManager.
Capture Content & Add Context
Easily add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, images, and spreadsheets to provide additional levels of details. Quickly drag and drop content to reorganize it and provide structure. Use icons, tags, topic shapes, callouts, boundaries, colors, topic sorting and numbering to provide additional context.
Interactive Dashboards
Create powerful dynamic Microsoft Outlook dashboards to automatically display (and update) contextually relevant emails, tasks, contacts, notes and appointments. Populate branches with desktop or network folders & files for easy access. Or, perform web searches like Google or Bing with results appearing directly in your map.
Navigation & Viewing Controls
Easily navigate and control the levels of details displayed with powerful features like topic focus, show or hide branch, collapse map, quick filters and advanced power filters. Automatically fit or balance your map within the screen or use the mini-map view to navigate large maps.
Map Sharing Community
Share map templates with the extensive Mindjet community.
New and Improved Features
New Read Me map: For people who create new Connect accounts, when they first land in the application they will be presented with a Map that guides them through learning how to use basic mapping features. Once done they can either save it to share with colleagues later or not.
New ability to e-mail the account owner or administrator (business accounts) to easily ask for help with things like recovering deleted files and folders or discarding a checkout if another user has not checked a file back in that you need. To e-mail your account owner or administrator, simply click on their name in the Files/Folders access area and it prompts you to send an e-mail where you can enter your request for help.
Usability Improvements
When you previously unshared a folder with a user, their user name might still be listed as having access to it. We've fixed this issue such that the displayed folder's list of users always accurately reflects its access permissions.
Changes to a user's access role or access levels (e.g. changing a Member or Guest from "Read-only" to "Edit" or vice versa) are now displayed immediately. We have eliminated the sporadic delay some users experienced when making such changes.
We also fixed an issue where users' names sometimes appeared multiple times in a file or folder's access list. Now, a listed user name appears only once.
We repaired the ability to reset your password from the login page.
We eliminated an intermittent issue that changed the text font or color when typing in a topic on a map. Now, the text you add to a topic will maintain the topic's text style.
Known Issues
NOTE: Some users may need to clear their browser cache in order for the new features and enhancements to take effect.
Mindjet Connect continues to support uploading files up to 64MB, a limit not previously documented. However, if you attempt to upload a file greater than 64MB, there is no error
message to inform you of the failed upload.
At times, users are unable to close "Get Started" map or switch to another Tab while this map is open. Reloading the webpage will enable the close the map.
Firefox 3.6 users on Mac OS X will find that the File>Export window is not displayed properly.
Safari users will need to click on the map in order to add a topic to it.