Download key generator for Craft Director Studio Defense Edition 12.1.3

Craft Director Studio(CDS) Defense Edition is a total animation solution for quick and easy creation of premium 3D visualizations and animations for tanks, trucks or aircraft. This Edition includes the complete Craft Director Studio Complete Suite as well as four high-end Pre-Rigged Models: Black Hawk, F18, HMMV and M1 A Abrams. In addition upgrades are included for a whole year. There is also the possibility of purchasing floating licenses (network license).
Why upgrade to CDS Defense Edition?
CDS Defense Edition increases interactive control and simulation, allowing the ability to enhance cinematics through a modular, configurable system that replicates a specific rig``s animation. The tools accessibility and ease of use allow anyone to literally drive" a vehicle, or direct a camera within the creative environment, garnering a more realistic effect in less time. By eliminating script writing, create large volumes of animation in shorter time.
With the unique drag and drop of Pre Rigged Models, time and effort is saved in the modeling and rigging.
Bring life to the scenes with CDS Defense Edition it is quick to learn and easy to use.
Examples of use
Product visualizations and animations for military vehicles and machines as well as drones and unmanned vehicles
Create scenario and tactics visualizations including multiple instances of a wide variety of vehicles.
Enhance training videos with high volume and realistic 3D animation
The patcher only support 64bit versions with the exception of 3dsmax 2013 and 2013 design which include 32 and 64 bit.
Supported Applications are:
Cinema4D R10 to R11.5
XSI 7.5
Softimage 2010 to 2013
3DStudiomax 9 to 3Dstudiomax 2013 (32 and 64)
3DStudiomax Design 2010 to 3Dstudiomax Design 2013 (32 and 64)
Maya 8 to Maya 2013