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WebSite X5 Evolution 9 is the most flexible and complete solution for creating attractive, functional and professional websites, blogs and online stores. You'll be surprised at how easy to use the WebSite X5 Evolution 9, but the most amazing feature of this program is its power and breadth of the opportunities offered.
The program does not require knowledge of programming
Easy to use
Create your site in five steps
More than 1000 ready-made templates
Creating your own templates
Creating forms for sending emails from
Creation of RSS-feeds
Creating a diverse menu of the website (static, dynamic, drop, etc.)
Built-in image editor for quick editing graphics on your web page
Color picker
Preparing a web page using the function "Drag and Drop"
Create photo gallery
On demand, you can edit the HTML code of web pages
Ability to create online shops
Publish site on the Internet with the built-in FTP-engine
Grouping of the project to your website
Compatible with XHTML and CSS standards
Pleasant, comfortable and simple user interface
WebSite X5 program provides professional web tools:
Online store with payment by credit card
Zoom and panoramic view
Blog with audio podcasts and video podcasts
Gallery images and videos
Built-in search engine for your site
User space (with access by login and password)
Forms of e-mail anti-spam filters
Advertising management
News and RSS-Feed
Multilingual Websites
Integrated solution ("all in one"):
Editor for customizing templates
Over 1,500 professionally designed templates
Graphic editor
6000 exclusive images for free use
Automatically create site maps and menus
Library buttons and graphics
FTP-program to host site on the Internet
Widgets and HTML-code
~ All the way from the idea to the finished site is divided in the program in five basic steps:
General Settings. After selecting a project and add general information about the site (such as a description and keywords to index the site by search engines), you can move on to choose a template for your site. The user can either select one of the 1500-built templates, or create your own. Besides the basic template style, you can customize headers site.
Creating a site map. The program automatically adds the home page, but all other pages must be added manually. First, you need to consider what information and how this should be presented on the site, then you can create a site map. Sitemap can have an unlimited number of layers and pages. Based on this "map" of the program will automatically create a menu to navigate the site. The site map at any time to update.
Create Page. The process of creating pages of the site is simple, and is dragged to the table cells of the page layout of existing facilities, such as "Text", "File, Flash-animation", "Video", "Audio", "table", "Gallery Images" "The form of e-mails", "List of Products" and HTML-code and widgets." Each object can be customized, or you can insert links to internal and external materials. The program has a built-in image editor, so when preparing images for placement on the site can do without external graphic programs.
Advanced settings. Once the site is mainly ready, you can customize the appearance of the menu, text, storefronts and emails. Built-in image editor allows you to create a "volume" buttons that change when you move the mouse over them. In addition to the style settings page, you can use a variety of additional features, such as adding a welcome page in several languages ??with a sound track, a custom section, blog and online store.
Export. Ready site can place on the Internet using the built FTP-program. WebSite X5 program supports encrypted connections, you can save time by working in multi-session mode, and uploading to the server, only those files that have changed since the last export. In addition to publishing the site to a hosting server, you can also export the project site as a file on the same computer that created the project, or on another computer to get back up.
Template Pack 901 - WebSite X5 template pack contains 80 new templates, 10 unique graphic templates, each of which is available in 4 different colors and can be used as a vertical and a horizontal menu.
Template Pack 902 - template pack WebSite X5 includes 40 new templates, 5 unique graphic templates, each of which is available in 4 different colors and can be used as a vertical and a horizontal menu. For each pattern, there is a file PSD (created in Adobe Photoshop CS5), which comes in the kit. There you will find the levels and the installation files.