Download key generator for MultiBoot USB X8 afin 2013

Multiboot USB flash drive for service, backup, recovery, hard disk, the treatment of viruses, reset the "forgotten" passwords, etc. The composition of the archive in the Tools folder has a set of required tools and instruction to build multiboot stick.
Do not install or run from the operating system! The exception is Startup Tools from the Hiren's Boot CD.
MultiBoot USB X8 includes:
Hiren's Boot CD 15.2 - in full (to patch the keyboard Russian language).
Hiren's BootCD - stunningly competently and professionally assembled, the most popular boot "all-in-one" disc, literally everyone, including administrators and administrators for the repair work on the computer. With its small size, contains a number of the best world-class programs to do almost everything to "eject" and return your computer to life, identifying and testing different devices and your computer meets the highest requirements. Also includes anti-virus software with the ability to update databases, anti-spyware program to the disk: formatting, partition, repair, testing, etc., cloning systems, power data recovery after the collapse of Windows, the tools to identify hardware, work with the BIOS, and much more .
In the boot menu Hiren's Boot CD added items:
- PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.14 (Replaces menu Hiren's Boot CD: PLoP Boot Manager);
- PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.13
- For USB Only! PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.10 to Accelerate USB - Use only when booting from USB-Flash for faster downloading on older computers (new computers better to use PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.14, PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.13 or not to use the PLoP Boot Manager - determined empirically for a specific computer.)
- Go to WindowsPE & Linux LiveCD Menu -> -> -> From this menu item, switch to the menu "WindowsPE & Linux LiveCD", from which you are downloading the following baziruschihsya on Windows PE and Linux LiveCD:
Menu "Windows PE LiveCD:"
-Alkid Live CD Standard 30.03.2012
-Boot CD USB Sergei Strelec 2013 v.1.5 [2013-01-25]
-Mini Windows Xp by Hiren
-Windows Seven Live CD by ispolin (13.11.2011)
-LiveCD Windows'7 v5.5c (cuba) by xalex
-Active @ Boot Disk Suite v6.5.2 Windows PE & DOS
Menu "MDaRT (ERD Commander):"
-Winternals Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander v5.0 x86
-Microsoft Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander v5.0 x86
-Microsoft Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander v6.0 x86
-Microsoft Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander v6.0 x64
-Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset 7.0 x86
-Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset 7.0 x64
-Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset 8.0 x86-x64
Menu "Acronis & Paragon:"
Software Acronis:
- Acronis Disk Director Advanced (Build 11.0.12077) RU
- Acronis Disk Director Home Update 2 (Build 11.0.2343) RU
- Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 (Build 11.0.17437) with UR RU
- Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 (Build 11.0.17437) with UR EN
- Acronis True Image Home 2013 Plus Pack (Build 16.0.5587) EN
- Acronis True Image Home 2012 Plus Pack (Build 15.0.6154) EN
- Acronis True Image Home 2011 Plus Pack (Build 14.0.6942) RU
Software Paragon:
Menu "AntiVirus Rescue Disks:"
-AVG Rescue CD 2012 120.120823a5411 EN - databases are updated when you connect to the Internet
- Avast! Rescue CD 1.0.3 EN
- AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.0.7 Russian
-AntiSMS 3.2 LiveCD Russian
System requirements:
usb flash drive or usb hdd not less than 8Gb, computer supports booting from USB, RAM> 500 MB. (recommended 1 GB or more)