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Multiboot USB flash drive USB All in One STICK 3 (21.01.2013) (ENG / RUS) (2013) | 23.31GB
If you are tired of carrying around a bunch of CD / DVD, then you are invited to write it all down on the stick. And why not make them a bootable USB flash drive with 32GB distributions required OS? Your attention provided new - Multiboot flash drive "USB All In One STICK v.3.0"
HARDWARE - GRUB4DOS submenu contains:
PLOPdriver - flash mode USB2.0 (for slow loading)
MBRTools - DOS utility to work with MBR
Memtest, Victoria, MHDD
BIOS - BIOS Password Reset
Windows New - Sub on Win8 bootloader contains:
Tools Windows - WinPE 4.0 with the tools, network PPoE, a large set of programs to restore the system after the collapse of the
Setup Windows 8 Pro - Installing Windows 8 Professional 86x64 originals and lightweight
Setup Windows 7 Pro - Install Windows 7SP1 Professional 86x64 originals and lightweight with updates and activation
Setup Windows 7 Emb - Installing Windows Embedded
in the hand is present 2 container VHD c Windows 7 and Windows 8, we add them to the Boot and the loader will add zapis.pri W8 make sure you have free disk space (the entire assembly on the 32 GB intermeddle, but does not run w8) WindowsXP - Installing WindowsXP SP3 TE. Ability to install XP from ISO NOT in memory! mode copies the entire installation from the CD! (on reboot select that same item, first click Press any key ... .) who did not work, go to WinPE and install a WinNTSetup SuperDOS - Dos of Ammo: long filenames, NTFS, DVD and so much! Ubuntu - Ubuntu 04/12 Sinclair.Oformlenie from MacOS. Contains all the necessary user applications, including packs, software to play movies and music, documents, graphics files, browsing the Internet, etc.