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Bridge to English 2CD
Intense Language Office dictionaries include electronic versions of monolingual (explanatory) and bilingual dictionaries Collins, and a system of unique exercises to learn new words "Tyre and Crosswords." Electronic versions of dictionaries on the content and design of fully comply paper counterparts, and for ease of use much of their superior. Abbreviations and acronyms used in the dictionaries, deciphered in tooltips when you hover the mouse pointer. Dictionaries are fully hypertext, ie clicking on any word will take you to the definition of the word, and then be able to return. In addition, the "talking" dictionaries of all the titles of entries voiced by native speakers - native speakers, so you can not only listen to the correct pronunciation of each word, but also to train his own speech with Audiotrenazhera.
Dictionaries can be used for translation of certain words, and any text of unlimited size. The program supports up data over the system clipboard (Clipboard), and drag and drop (drag-and-drop). More opportunities are given a notebook in which you can enter any word from the dictionary and use them as bookmarks to quickly navigate to the desired word. In addition, this set of words can be right out of the dictionary "send" to Tyre to practice spelling, or save it as a separate file for later use in a dictionary or a dash.