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SDL Trados 2007 Suite Pro SP3
SDL Trados 2007 SP 3 - the most stable version of all that I have met. Treated very simply, if carefully follow the instructions in the txt file.
Trados system consists of modules designed to translate texts of different formats: from Microsoft Word, presentations, PowerPoint, HTML text and other metadata, documents, FrameMaker, InterLeaf etc.
The concept of Translation Memory involves identifying the translated text fragments, translations are already available in the database transfer, and thus reducing the workload of an interpreter. Fragments left untranslated are passed on for manual processing translator. Translator at this stage can distinguish newly translated segments and to bring new pairs of parallel texts in two languages ??in the database. This scheme works best if the same type of texts, where the frequency of phrases is high, ie, in the case of various instructions for users, technical descriptions, etc.