Download key generator for Native Instruments - Pro 53 - All Soundsets - AIO - 2012

Native Instruments - Pro 53 - All Soundsets - AIO - 2012
The Pro-53 takes what was already one of the best classic synth emulators to a whole new level with improved features and sound! The Pro-53 is the third installment from N.I. of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 analog synth plug-in. The original Pro-Five, a VST-Instrument, was a faithful recreation of the original Prophet 5 and allowed thousands of computer-based musicians the chance at playing and performing the classic synth themselves, and for just a few hundred bucks! Following the Pro-Five came the Pro-52 which added many features bringing the plug-in up to date with more modern functions like effects, enhanced MIDI (SysEx import/export), audio inputs, and stand alone capability.
[Pro 53] All Extracted Spec
[Pro 53] Baesil Pro-52
[Pro 53] Baesil Pro-Five
[Pro 53] Bass-FX-Lead-LFO-Pad-Seq-Synth
[Pro 53] BU Presets
[Pro 53] Chef's First
[Pro 53] Dj Gazza Boi - Hardstyle Bible Vol.1 & Vol.2
[Pro 53] Future-Sounds-Pro-53-Sonicscape-2006
[Pro 53] Geoff Kaiser Registered User Presets
[Pro 53] Hardwired Cat 1 bank
[Pro 53] John Does e Drums
[Pro 53] KS ABYSS & Prophetic
[Pro 53] MB-MyPro52
[Pro 53] MigMusic Pro52 Sound Collection
[Pro 53] NI Pro53 - ADDON Presets
[Pro 53] Nutty Trance Hardstyle Soundset
[Pro 53] OTHER
[Pro 53] Patches by AudioWhore
[Pro 53] Pro53 Elwood 1
[Pro 53] Pro53 Hardwired Cat5 Classic
[Pro 53] PRO53 Jeff Bank
[Pro 53] Pro53 MC Kenic Noises
[Pro 53] Pro53 Mighty Hero 1
[Pro 53] Pro53 PB Cat 9 Pad
[Pro 53] Pro53 Spectrum-X
[Pro 53] PRO-53 User Library
[Pro 53] SiM P5 01
[Pro 53] Sound Burst Knopolis
[Pro 53] Soundbank - DJ Rob & Wandii Trance 2004
[Pro 53] Synthation - Essentials
[Pro 53] Teksonik
[Pro 53] Trance 1 (P5P 156)
[Pro 53] Vengeance Sound - Prophecy