Download key generator for Extreme Networks OS

ExtremeWare - is based on the VxWorks operating system, first-generation operating system from Extreme;
ExtremeXOS is the second generation operating system from Extreme, based on the Linux kernel and yuzerlende BusyBox. In contrast to the modular ExtremeWare the OS.
ExtremeWare syntax similar to that used in the Cisco IOS. In ExtremeXOS he had another, but there is an extended *-LegacyCLI.xmod, which adds the ability to use the emulation of the old syntax. Not available for all releases.
In the directory "Full Layer 3 bruteforcer" content distribution is the key to activate the cracker Full Layer 3 in the switch running ExtremeWare (key - it is simply an integer).
Functional ExtremeWare sufficiently advanced, will list only some: NAT; BGP4; sFlow, NetFlow; load balancing, web cache redirection; DHCP server; PPP. A more detailed description here.
ExtremeXOS more advanced, with the addition of modularity have SDK, so it is possible to write your own modules.
Extras. Information:
Before the upgrade, do not forget to read the release notes (if present) and check the version of the BootROM on the nectary. If you are upgrading ExtremeWare (and almost always ExtremeXOS) from the old branch (and in most cases - Subversion) is required to set interim releases, so we included all intermediate releases that have been found. If you find bugs in a more recent version of the OS may do downgrade.
If you use a virtual machine ExtremeXOS data for authorization are as follows: username admin and the password is blank. When the inscription "pending-AAA" should wait a bit before entering the system.