Download key generator for Joe Alter Shave and A Haircut 7.0v12 - Maya 2013

Joe Alter Shave & A Haircut 7.0v12 - Maya 2013 x64 Win
Most all of Shave's parameters respond to texture maps, (including dynamics properties). This can be very useful for increasing realism.
They also respond to solid textures.
Included in this video is also an overview of various Shave parameter settings.
There are no shader networks to create or attach, just dial the params and assign texture like any other Maya surface.
In addition to texturing, Shave and a Haircut controls hair with several types of guides. From the moment you grow hair, you're ready to start working. There is no setup to do before you can start getting visual results.
Included in the plugin is an interactive combing suite of tools inside the Maya viewports and AE's
You can also save off Maya presets (we render a preview for you), and even hairstyles and apply them to new objects, regardless of topology or UVs. [xplant]