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Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines Perfect
Genre: Adventure, RPG
This torrent is taken from Bitgamer. I'm pretty sure it used to be a Golden Torrent. Everything works perfectly, I've played it through 100% on Win7 64 bit and thought I would share a great release.
If you were a fan of Buffy, chances are you will enjoy this one! The dark soundtrack and atmosphere are very similar (and awesome. massive attack!). It's definitely one of my fav RPGs of all time.
If you're installing a mod make sure you read the instructions, which you can find below or in the .NFO file. Enjoy and thanks to the original uploader!
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - Perfect Edition
--- Don't open it. ---
It's an utter shame that nobody's made a really perfect release of Vampire Bloodlines, so I set out to do just that! While I was at it, I threw in a few awesome mods, and made sure they're all compatible (they are!) This release contains:
-A rip of the original game CDs, merged into one folder to install the full retail release of Bloodlines
-The 1.2 patch
-A no-cd crack for the 1.2 patch
-Tools.rar, containing the ENB series mod, which adds effects like motion blur and bloom to the game's DirectX framework, and a .exe that changes the game's screen resolutions to 16:9 or 16:10
-Camarilla Edition Mod 1.5
-Clan Quest Mod 3.0.1
-Companion Mod 1.4
-Final Nights 1.1
-Unofficial Patch 7.9
-A guide to each of them, including proper credits, because only a dick doesn't credit modders for their hard work.
1) Extract \Vanilla Game\Bloodlines Retail.rar, run Setup.exe.
2) Install Official Patch 1.2
3) Extract 1.2 crack to the Vampire - Bloodlines folder.
4a) If you have a widescreen monitor, use ResPatch to change the default resolution to 16:9 or 16:10.
4b) If you want to install ENB series, extract it into the Vampire - Bloodlines folder.
5) Choose a mod and install it!
6) Enjoy!
**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MODS: You must choose only one of them to install; you cannot have more than one installed at any given time. The 'unofficial patch' is also considered a mod, so if you install that you cannot install any of the others.**
See the comments section for an overview of some of the mods that someone else kindly posted. Also since the ENB series wasn't really mentioned I'll talk about it real quick. It just a sort of graphics overhaul that adds some features like bloom, HDR, and motion blur. You can use the ENB series with another mod with no problems. A lot of people say that the default settings make the game too blurry but they can be tweaked if you feel like taking the time to do so. I personally chose not to install it and the game still looked great in my opinion (I did however use the widescreen patcher).
Quick summary of the game as requested, taken directly from wikipedia so you lazy folk don't have to google it yourselves:
------ Intro ------
The game begins with the creation of a male or female vampire character of one of seven Camarilla clans. Players can choose to manually pick the clan their character will join and their character's stats, or they can answer a series of questions to be assigned stats. Once a character has been created, the introductory sequence begins with an in-game cinematic of a lascivious vampire Sire 'Embracing' the player's character; draining the character of blood, and beginning the player's transformation into a vampire. Shortly after the Embrace, both the player and their Sire are captured by the Los Angeles Camarilla for what is revealed to have been an unauthorized act, violating the organization's strict rules on vampire creation. The player's Sire is executed at the order of the Prince, Sebastian LaCroix, who is the leader of the Camarilla in Los Angeles. The player is spared a similar fate when Nines Rodriguez, a Brujah who was in the audience as a representative of the Anarch community, jumps up and calls out the Prince, who then relents.
------ Storyline ------
The storyline of the game is dynamic. This comes not only from the presence of numerous optional quests, but also from the existence of several different endings. The game begins with the player character's death and transformation into a vampire in late October 2004. The plot revolves around a mysterious archaeological artifact called the Ankaran Sarcophagus, believed to contain the body of an ancient vampire (Antediluvian) in torpor. As the various factions of L.A. conspire to obtain this artifact, or to foil each other's attempts to do so, the player must decide whom to trust: Prince Sebastian LaCroix, Regent Maximillian Strauss, the Anarchs, the Kuei-Jin, or only him/herself.
However, the in-game storyline does not change regardless of what is done, and all the core missions still need to be completed. For example, if the player decides to side with the Anarchs, they will still need to obey Prince LaCroix, as they are told to act like they are still loyal. The only storyline-affecting choice is when the character chooses his or her allegiance near the end of the game, though prior choices can affect which of these allegiances are available.