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Animal Motion Show Vol.2: A Visual Reference for Artists
TheAnimal Motion Show DVDs by Rhinohouse is a collection of over twothousand high quality video and still image references of animals foranimators, modelers and TDs. The gooos are packaged very nicely in atwo-DVD slip case which includes the Animal Motion Show DVD and theSpecial Guests DVD.
Animal Motion Show DVD
TheAnimal Motion Show DVD includes references on Elephants, Giraffes,Horses, Hawks and Rhinos. The method to access those reference videosand images is perfectly designed. From the main menu you choose theanimal and for each animal three groups are available. These are:
Locomotion:This section is full of walks, runs, close-ups and transitions fromwalk to run and vice versa. Under the locomotion section you also havemotion studies. You can view the animals walk and run cycles in slowmotion, frame by frame, and Grid view and Film strip modes. You can alsoview comparison studies where two different animals walk on a splitscreen. Its just like the Muybridge book and videos.
Behavior:This section includes subgroups such as Eating, Bathing, Grooming,Subtle, Group behavior and Hunting. Each of these subgroups is full ofreference videos that cover a broad range of animal activity.
Visuals:This section has two subgroups: Video and Photo. In the Video sectionthere are close-up videos of animals different features. Under Photo,there are hundreds of images of the animal divided further intosubgroups such as Head, Legs, Trunk, etc. Also under Photo there is thetextures section, which includes high-res, close-up images of the animalthat are perfect for use in texturing.
Special Guests DVD
Thesecond DVD, Special Guests , includes reference videos and images on alot more animals: Zebras, Mongolian horses, Humming birds, Deer, Elks,Moose, Crows, Geese and Hippos to list some. The difference between thisDVD and the Animal Motion Show DVD is that the special guest videos arenot grouped and categorized like those in the animal motion show.Thats not to say its lacking by any means. It would be worth buying ifit was sold separately and the fact that its included for free withthe Animal Motion Show DVD is a huge plus.
The Verdict
Asan Animator, I found the Animal Motion Show DVD extremely helpful. Itsure beats going to the zoo to shoot my own reference for many reasons,the most important being that all the videos in the DVD are shot in theanimals natural environment. Even if you are not animating one of theanimals on the DVD, the lessons you learn by studying the footage andhow the animals behave will help you with your creature animations.
Eventhough this product is marketed towards animators, I feel characterriggers will get the most mileage out of it. Especially the close-upvideos of animals moving in all possible ways; this is an exceptionallyuseful resource for TDs designing rigs and creating muscle deformations.Moreover, modelers and texture artists will find the thousands ofreference pictures and texture close-ups valuable whenmodeling/texturing similar characters.