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Artlantis 4.1.8 introduces two new parameters for the DXF-DWG import: the distance between Knots, and the deviation angle between faces. They come in addition to the 2D conversion parameters and control the triangulation of the 3D geometry. As a result, Artlantis can correctly interpret and triangulate moldings or any curved body built in the CAD modeler.
The Artlantis 4.1.8 update version fixes a number of bugs:
- ArchiCAD .gsm objects: the colors were not distinguished when saving by layers or on a unique layer.
- Reopening a file wasn't possible; now the Revert command allows it.
- The program would freeze when selecting an object.
- Artlantis crashed when using Delete the material ID unused
- When exporting a file from SketchUp 8 to Artlantis, some viewpoints were ignored.
- Export from ArchiCAD 16 to 4.1: the geometry was offset from the origin.
- DWF and OBJ export: the geometry wasn't exported if the current view was a panorama, a VR object or an animation.
- OBJ import fixes: missing textures.
- DWG-DXF fixes: Tessalation, distorted geometry and missing geometry
- In the Objects Inspector, checking/unchecking a layer in the lower part of a long list would result in the display jumping back to the top of the list.
- Scene Information, Translate Origin command: displayed an incorrect icon.
- Issue when Activating/Deactivating layers from the perspective view inspector.
- iVisit 3D builder didn't work if XQuartz was missing.
Name: Abvent Artlantis Studio
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
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