Download key generator for Genarts Sapphire 6.14 for After Effects and Premiere

Genarts Sapphire 6.14 for After Effects and Premiere x86/x64 ENG | 166MB
Plugins Genarts Sapphire simplify your workflow, increase productivity of your team and free your time for innovation.
They are used by the world leaders in the development of content.
What's New in Version 6:
- Processed effects designer Lens Flare: control the size, length, thickness, intensity and color of each item. Add new elements of the finished library.
- 3D Lens Flares: Lens Flare manipulate within your 3D compositing.
- 6 new visual effects, and 30 new transitions, including: Flashbulbs, Caustics, LaserBeam, and MuzzleFlash.
- StretchFrameEdges Corrective Effect: Insert your 4:3 SD content in 16:9 projects without distortion or softening the image.
- Improved effects achieved more photorealistic results with improvement in RackDefocus, EdgeRays, Rays, EdgeFlash and Clouds.
- Integration with masks AE: Use AE masks directly in each effect to isolate and highlight an area of the picture.
- Presets: Save, load and edit your favorite presets, create new ones.
- Web-integrated browser presets: browse preset effects directly on a real video of your project.
- Animated preview for the auto-animated effects: browse animation presets that do not require a key point for the animation.
- Subscribe to FX Central: each month get new presets.
- More than 240 effects
- Independent of the resolution
- Accelerating GPU video cards NVidia Cuda
- Support for multiprocessing
- Support for 32-bit floating point
- Intuitive user interface
- On-screen interface widgets for many visual effects
- Offline HTML and PDF documentation
- Create unique natural and organic glow using rays, glare, lightning, warmth, brilliance, flash, etc.
- Create backgrounds and organic displacement maps, using a selection of texture generators
- Choose from a wide range of fast blur effect
- Stylized and perform color correction of your video material with a set of effects FilmEffect, HalfTone, Vignette, BleachBypass, and Cartoon
- On more than 1100 kinds of presets, create your own.