Download key generator for Radio Component DataBase 3.1 PLUS Add-ons

Electronic manual on bipolar junction (BJT), field-effect (FET), insulated-gate bipolar (IGBT) transistors and diodes. The current edition "Radio Component DataBase" includes over 65.000 radio components and service information.
Electronic reference book on bipolar and field, IGBT transistors and diodes (with bridges or building). The survey over 65,000 radio parts!
Contains information from all the leading manufacturers. There is a reference to the manufacturers website address.
Directory provides the following features:
- Sorting by several characteristics in any order;
- Filtering of virtually all the characteristics;
- Editing of data;
- View information and drawing the body parts;
- View the data sheet (datasheets) in PDF format to the full version. The setup file contains a "lite" database without data sheets. Complete base present in the distribution archive.
Information on the assembly:
- In the data there are some inaccuracies associated with the following factors:
- Characteristics of the same parts from different manufacturers may vary, and data is available only from a single source;
- Manufacturers themselves are sometimes posted online invalid data;
- Sometimes in the column header to the manufacturer's website, indicate one unit, for example, Amps, and among these sometimes skips miliamperah values, without any. And because the information is written to the directory programmatically rather than by hand, such errors could enter the directory, although their presence and control was conducted.