Download key generator for MZ-Tools v7.0.0.103

MZ-Tools has a single goal: To make your everyday programming life easier. As an add-in to several Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) from Microsoft, MZ-Tools adds new menus and toolbars to them that provide many new productivity features. It allows you to write code, find code, design your forms, document your applications, and review their quality much faster than you do it today. It saves you valuable time each and every time you use it.
The results window provides multiple tabs to store all your previous searches (which you can remove too), instead of just two output panes. You can refresh the results at any time, copy them to the clipboard (to paste them in Microsoft Excel, for example), or export them to a file. You can also remove results from the list if they are not of interest, in order to see only the ones that you want to examine more carefully. You can also select if you want to see the hierarchy of code elements (namespace, class, method, etc.) where an occurrence has been found, or just the file.
From the results window after a search, you can replace the occurrences found with a new string, one by one or all at the same time. With this two-step approach, you can exclude occurrences from the list (by simply deleting them) before the replacement operation.