Download key generator for SMS Enabler v2.55

SMS Enabler is a program that allows you to automatically receive and reply to incoming SMS messages using a GSM or 3G mobile phone or modem connected to a computer. The phone/modem used with SMS Enabler can be connected to the computer via USB, Bluetooth or RS232 (COM port). To increase reliability and enable autonomous operation, SMS Enabler can be configured to automatically reconnect to the phone/modem upon loss of connection. SMS Enabler is compatible with Windows operating systems.
You can use SMS Enabler to: (a) Receive SMS text messages as emails; (b) Receive, process and reply to incoming SMS text messages on your web site; (c) Receive SMS text messages in your custom application; (d) Auto-respond to incoming SMS text messages.
SMS Enabler can:
Forward incoming SMS messages to a Web Server via HTTP, so they can be processed by a server-side script.
Save incoming SMS messages into a database.
Forward incoming SMS messages to one or more Email addresses.
Save incoming SMS messages as text or CSV files on your local computer for real-time processing and logging.
Forward received SMS messages to another phone(s)
Auto reply to incoming SMS messages with a predefined template, or a dynamically generated message.