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BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price.
Highly compatible
BricsCAD reads and writes the dwg format and offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD. In addition BricsCAD offers 3D Direct Modeling in native dwg. BricsCAD, so much more than an alternative.
Enabling third party solutions
BricsCAD is the most development friendly CAD platform in the industry. Thanks to industry compatible API's third party solutions can run on BricsCAD without modifying the source code.
Why BricsCAD?
Not only the full suite of CAD features, but also the combination of compatibility, familiar interface, unmatched support and compelling price make BricsCAD your CAD platform of choice.
Version 13.1.12 - 03/12/2012
ASSEMBLY MODELING: Mechanical components can now be inserted by dragging them from Windows Explorer and dropping them in the active document.
DISPLAY: implemented gradient hatch display for rendered mode.
RENUMBER command: auto-renumbers all sheets in the sheetset.
PUBLISH command: if BACKGROUNDPLOT > 1, the sheetset is published in the background.
sheetsets are now saved automatically without user interaction.
the 'New Sheet Set' dialog now allows creating an empty sheetset.
added drag and drop to reorder sheets and subsets in the Drawing Explorer Sheets tree.
SR34371: improved the 'reset' behavior.
SR35607: added -SCALELISTEDIT command for the command line.
SR35608: added multiple selection in the scale list edit dialog.
using 'Cancel' inside 'Add' and 'Delete' processing returns us to the main prompt, instead of stopping the command.
DISPLAY: the display is now updated immediately if a visual style is changed in the Drawing Explorer, and regenmode is set to 'On'.
HELP: added a help button to the Publish dialog, and corrected it in the Working Sets dialog.
Previously bit 3 of QAFLAGS was used to suppress the audit results on commandline. Now it causes AUDIT to produce a minimal report, with just entitycount, errorcount and fix count, both on commandline and in file.
DRAGSNAP: DRAGSNAP was not available because the definition of the variable was not added respecting alphabetical order.
LAYOUT: using the LAYOUT command to create a layout copy with an already existing name is now rejected, instead of creating a new layout with an unintended name.
MATCHPROP: for user-defined hatches, the hatch angle was no longer matched.
SHEETSETS: properties ProjectPhase, Number and Milestone could not be stored/restored. Fixed problem when saving AutoCAD sample sheetset file.
SR31032 - MIRROR: right-justified text was undesirably shifted upward when mirrored vertically.
SR32868, SR35199 - OLE: OLE objects did not refresh properly.
SR36891 - DRAWING EXPLORER, LAYER: "New VP" column is now shown when 'Model' tab is active. Before, it was shown only when a paper space layout was active.
SR37021 - DRAWING EXPLORER, XREFS: when the saved path of an XRef was changed by editing the text manually, without using the Browse button, and the XRef was not found after the edit, it disappeared from the XRef Explorer.
SR37138 - TOOLPALETTES: there was an issue with dynamic blocks created via toolpalettes, and with the insertion point for these blocks.
SR37138 - TOOLPALETTES: there was an issue with squashed images when tools have custom images.
SR37326 - MODELING: a crash occurred when rendering ACIS entities with wrong numeric data.
SR37384 - MODELING: a 3d-solid in a user-provided drawing could not be displayed.
SR37404 - PRINTING: when a viewport was selected before printing/preview, it could be printed with an incorrect device which caused wrong output.
SR37512 - REFEDIT: an error occured while generating the REFEDIT preview.
SR37523 - EXPLODE: Xdata of polylines (both AcDbPolylines or AcDb2dPolylines) were not copied to the entities created by the EXPLODE command.
SR37552 - WIPEOUT: made usage of 'on' and 'off' in wipeout/frames conform to other commands (like the IMAGEFRAME command), so now the 'off' shortcut can be used.
SR37554 - MENU: some commands that are not available with a Pro license, were selectable from the menu.
SR37588 - SELECTION: some polylines could only be selected when working in multi-threaded mode.
SR37609 - DRAWING EXPLORER, LAYER: the XRefs in the 'Filters' tree were not sorted. Aditionally, when a new XRef is attached in grid view, the XRef list is sorted.
SR37626 - ARRAYDLG: after entering a value in the "number of items" field, and then pressing the TAB key, the TAB value was added to the input, instead of the field losing its focus.
SR37684 - SPELLCHECK: changed the url for spellcheck dictionary downloads.
SR37653 - BLOCKS: redefinition failed for blocks with draworder.
SR37665 - LOCALIZATION: the Sheetset message was not translateable.
SR37672 - SHEETSETS: after closing and reopening the Drawing Explorer, sometimes the wrong tab was selected or the property-grid presentation was incorrect.
SR37756 - LOCALIZATION: the CONVERTPSTYLES dialog title was not translateable.
SR37781 - SHEETSETS: when a drawing containing sheetset fields was opened, and the sheetset file was not found, the contents of the sheetset fields were reset to "----".
SR37787, SR37800 - CHAPOO:
there were issues connecting with
added a 'ChapooLogVerbose' preference.
displaying/uploading files with non-ascii filenames did not work properly.
LISP: the performance of the (layoutlist) function has been improved by factor >= 8.
LISP: (setvar "HPNAME" ...) has been improved to better support user-type hatchpattern names.
LISP: increased available recursion depth to 20000.
LISP - (vlr-docmanager-reactor): when a drawing was made the current drawing, the "documentToBeActivated" was missing, before the "documentBecameCurrent" event was sent.
LISP/DCL: when a Lisp error happened, while a DCL dialog was created, but not yet started (i.e. between (new_dialog) and (start_dialog) function calls), the Lisp error was detected and stopped Lisp execution - but the dialog was visible, yet orphaned (no handler active). As a result, the DCL dialog remained on screen, and could not be closed.
LISP/COM: added IAcadDocument::get/put_ActiveMaterial() property access.
OUTPUT: when text, printed to the commandline, contained a sequence, the text before was not printed.
SR33127 - VBA: when calling AcadToolbar.Left and AcadToolbar.Top, the returned position value for the Docked Toolbars was always 0.
SR35685, SR35574 - .NET: added support for StartOpenCloseTransaction.
SR37156 - SNAP: snapping did not work correctly on custom objects derived from AcDbBlockReference.
SR37207 - .NET: improved DrawableOverrule API implementation for block references. Added support for those cases when geometry is processed before block content and attributes.
SR37314, DCL: A dcl file containing a non breaking space character could not be parsed. Added the non breaking space character (hex code "\xa0") as an allowed whitespace character to our dcl parser.
SR37651 - LISP/SDS/BRX : setvar("HPNAME", ".") now clears the HPNAME value, instead of returning an error.
SR37717 - WIPEOUT: command WIPEOUT now always creates the ACAD_WIPEOUT_VARS (WIPEOUTVARIABLES) dictionary to provide better compatibility.
SR37743 - SDS/LISP: AUDIT reported an error after using (entmod) resp. sds_entmod() with an anonymous BlockTableRecord.
SR37747 - LISP/SDS/BRX : (vl-vbaload) resp. sds_vbaload() return status did not properly provide the result, it was always T resp. RTNORM.