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The Walking Dead: 1-5 Episodes (PC/ENG/RUS/2012/RePack By R.G Mechanics)
Genre: Adventure
The Walking Dead: The Game - adventure game with elements of "horror." Cyuzhet covers new adventures of the "survivors" that it is reasonable to set out to escape from Atlanta, in the light of the invasion of zombies. Look at what happened in the early days of unexpectedly nagryanuvshaya apocalypse, and take part in events that somehow intersect with the adventures of Sheriff Rick Grimes.
2 The Walking Dead.Episode Starved For Help tells about a group of characters from the first part, you can not hide of the living dead in the new shelter. But there is a problem drastically water and food, as they are in short supply. People start to starve, and panic only increase. At one point, a man called Endre St. John suggests Lee and other survivors to move to his farm, where you can find plenty of food supplies. Unfortunately, this would be very easy, because other than that of the road to meet with bloodthirsty zombies, now has a new enemy to fear: the bandits. Dead.
Episode The Walking 3 - Long Road Ahead is the story, created by Robert Kirkmanom. As a result of betrayal in the group is a terrible event. This is the most emotionally intense episode! Was right up your hard choices in the first and second episodes?
Episode 1 - April 25
Episode 2 - June 30
Episode 3 - August 25
Episode 4 - October 27
Episode 5 - December 06