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Dassault Systemes announce latest release ICEM Surf 4.11, of our industry-leading Explicit Class A surface modelling, analysis and visualisation software.
ICEM Surf 4.11 offers a range of new features and enhancements, many of which have been developed in response to customer requests. This customer-centric approach ensures ICEM Surf delivers a Class A surfacing environment suitable for your real-world design requirements. Designed to further improve your productivity, new Curve and Surface modelling, analysis, Real Time Rendering and data management capabilities are offered, in particular, more functionality for creating design features like gaps and fillets, and further improvements to the quality and production of the photo-realistic visualisations.
Amongst the most important enhancements are:
ICEM Surf Professional
- Enhanced curve blending capabilities to improve visual quality of curves that show flat spots in the shape caused by the hard acceleration of curvature in a small areas.
- The workflow of matching curves or surfaces has been improved through automatic re-execution of matching criteria during control point modifications of inputs.
- Extended filleting capabilities now offer the possibility to generating Variable Chord fillets that to define different cross sectional chord lengths in support styling and aesthetical shape design requirements.
- Improved Diagnosis parameters to support entity color inheritance of surface and scan geometries.
- A new Object Manager tool is provided, optimizing the management and structuring of geometry models by their parts and molecules, combining and extending the functionalities offered by Objects Editor and Objects menus.
- More flexibility in reviewing designs with new import/export functionality for ICEM DB diagnostics
- Improved visualization of shaded surfaces with high curvature through Pixel based lighting, removing rendering errors produced by insufficient tessellation.
- Product Repackaging of rendering options Reflection and Transparency of materials are now available with ICEM Surf Professional license.
ICEM Surf Realtime Renderer
- New possibilities to create HDR light sources are offered to aid the process in creating complex lighting scenarios for realistic renderings based on Environment Lighting.
ICEM Surf Safety Analysis
- More precise results of Safety Analysis diagnostics to support compliance with pedestrian safety regulations for vehicle design through improved algorithms
ICEM Surf Advanced Tools
- Extended Gap command capabilities by generation of negative gap distances in support of Automotive Interior Trim processes
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Name: ICEM Surf
Version: 4.11
Interface: english
OS: WindowsXP / Vista / Seven
Size: 389.7 mb
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