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Quest Toad DBA Suite for Oracle 11 Commercial
Simple administration of Oracle databases
Toad DBA Suite for Oracle is a complete set of database administration Oracle, which can increase efficiency by automating technical support, ensuring optimal performance and eliminate the risks associated with change. The product helps to correct errors before they impact the user experience, and automates routine tasks, providing unprecedented accuracy of their performance. It is also possible a significant reduction in the risks associated with database vulnerability, limited capacity, upgrades, patches, etc. Toad DBA Suite for Oracle helps you work better, but not more ... regardless of experience administering databases.
Adequate support, performance, and change
Forecasting the impact of changes in the working copy of the
Organization and support schemes, including the pumping
Playing loads databases during development or testing in order to simulate their performance in the work environment
Database administration, including users, roles, infrastructure and utilities, as well as management, synchronization, and implementation of changes in schemes
Efficient and accurate management of user accounts without using Oracle Scripting
Provide maximum possible application performance through effective error detection directly on the basis of reports of SQL, PL / SQL, or other source code and automate the process of optimizing SQL
Planning and execution of inspection, safety database instances
Running high-quality applications that meet user requirements and operates reliably in a production environment
Reducing the risk of a long transaction response time and downtime
Lower total cost of ownership of Oracle databases and reduce development cycles, due to the rapid elimination of errors arising
Minimizing administrative costs by automating tasks and providing efficient and accurate code