Download key generator for Toad DBA Suite for Oracle - RAC Edition

Description: * Toad for Oracle - the leading tool for development and database administration.
* Toad for Oracle - a powerful tool designed to speed the development of databases and applications, as well as simplify daily administrative tasks. Toad for Oracle enables developers to avoid the tedious task debugging PL / SQL code, provides a convenient development environment, saving time for development and testing of large projects.
* Toad for Oracle improves developer productivity through a large number of hot keys, Auto adjust function, type-ahead and color syntax highlighting.
* Toad for Oracle enables developers to quickly move between several areas of code with convenient tabs.
* Toad for Oracle facilitates editing and testing with a full-featured tool bar.
* Toad for Oracle automates the daily management of the database with a powerful wizard, databases and comfortable environment for administration and razrabotki.Dop. Information:
* Toad for Oracle Xpert (includes Toad for Oracle Professional and Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle) and DB Admin Module (bavshy DBA Module)
* Toad Data Modeler
* Spotlight on RAC
* Spotlight on Oracle
* Benchmark Factory for Databases - Oracle Edition
* Toad Data Analysts.