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Phantasm CS Studio 1.0.2 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator (Win)
Phantasm CS Studio builds on the solid color control tools found in Phantasm CS Designer and adds key graphic workflow-enhancing tools including embedded image control. Receiving artwork from a client usually involves the hurdles of handling embedded images. Illustrator doesn't provide any embedded image options to directly edit or convert to an external linked file which is often required at the last minute when clients are calling for results. Phantasm CS Studio solves this with minimal fuss and maximum results. When handling a vast library of artwork, it's often essential to work with linked images to ensure consistency across a portfolio of work. Phantasm CS allows color adjustments to be applied to all linked images there is no need to duplicate images leading to extended and inefficient workflows! Keeping things live and dynamic is all taken in Phantasm CS' stride by using live Effects. Being non-destructive, creative experimentation is a natural by-product. And if your clients do not have Phantasm CS installedalthough it's likely to benefit them toothey can still view the live color changes applied.
Before things finally go to print, it's always wise to check for the technicalities that can trip up even the most seasoned of Illustrator users. Have you ever been stung by overprint white? Black text appeared blurry due to rich black? Both of these common problems, and more, can easily be visually and quickly checked for using the output preview tools in Phantasm CS Studio.
Phantasm CS Studio also features the unique full separations tool which generates a new separated document, with a full view control panel and, optionally, each ink split across new layers. This tool has found many applications in the screen printing industry, allowing for final vector-based fine-tuning before the screens are set.
System Requirements:
Windows Windows 98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64bit)
Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5