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'Ambient' from Ueberschall is a fantastic new library with a broad range of emotional and suggestive sound experiences. This awesome product from the Elastik Inspire Series is directed primarily towards all those searching for new and inspiring tones!
For 'Ambient' Ueberschall created an enormous collection of sound textures exactly adjusted and tailored to fit the individual desires and needs of professional music producers, webdesigners, and media producers in television, movies and gaming.
The used sound categories vary from ambient-soundscapes, textures and drones to hits, special FX, countless effect sounds, morphings, sequences and cinematic soundscapes to dark and bright ambiences, effect grooves and reversed sounds. From "smooth & deep" to "hard & heavy".
Product Content:
This 3.9 GB library contains 960 loops including bassdrums, hi-hats, snares, cymbals, drumloops, congas, bongos, shakers, djembes, sub-basses, synths, pads, sub-pads, pianos, electric pianos, vocals, guitars, brass, trumpets, harps, flutes, SFX and natural FX.
Ambient derivatives suitable for many applications: scoring, game-audio, trailer, songs, audio-logos, advertisement, website and background music as well as multimedia, industrial, and brand communication videos.
Furthermore, it is suitable to music productions for documentaries, movies, television and multi-media as well as loops, power point, fair promotion, training and photo presentations, radio broadcasting and production music, cable network, flash and video music, even music-on-hold.
Inspire Series' unique concept guarantees that 'Ambient' fits perfectly to all loops and tonal phrases even across genres.
How does "Elastik Inspire Series" work?
The "Elastik Inspire Series" goes beyond previous boundaries of sample libraries. All loops and tonal phrases fit together perfectly every time, even across genres. Each sample is automatically detected and stretched to the song tempo.
The Elastik 2 Player, the 3.9 GB sample library and the elaborate tagging system aid in spontaneously creating new tracks. The workflow is fast, simple and clear.
Any instrument can be replaced with samples of the same instrument group at random via the intelligent random-replacement function. The results always work flawlessly. All samples of the "Elastik Inspire Series" match perfectly. This creates millions of opportunities for new and inspiring tracks. Everything is possible!
The "Elastik Inspire Series" represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration, especially for creative people in the music, film, multi-media and web industries. Due to the high quality of Ueberschall's products the created tracks can be immediately integrated into your own projects without any further treatment.
What do the different functions mean?
Using the "Random" button, new combinations of instruments can be created automatically. The selected sample will be replaced by a randomly selected sample of the same instrument class. The tagging system keeps track of certain features, such as the type of instrument of the sample, thereby samples are selected from all genres.
Product Summary:
? 3.9 GB
? 960 Loops & Samples
? Genre: Ambient
? Elastik Player included - no sampler required!
? Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST RTAS/StandAlone
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