Download key generator for IntelliAdmin Network Administrator 2012.3.0.159

Network Administrator allows you to make tweaks, changes, and updates across your network. It has an amazing plugin system that is packed full of actions.
Network Administrator can:
Change network configuration
Want to switch 1000 hosts to DHCP? Have new DNS servers? No problem, with this plugin you can change them in a few clicks
Daylight Saving Time Update
Easily update those older NT 4.1, Windows 2000, and XP machines to the latest DST settings without being forced to purchase a $5000 patch from Microsoft.
Disable CDROM and DVD Burning
Keep users from copying data off your network. Disable DVD and CD burning while allowing users to still have read only access.
Set Excel 2007 to save in the older format
Having a problem with users sending Excel 2007 documents to people outside your network? Reduce those help desk calls by forcing all of your Excel 2007 users to automatically save in the 2003/XP format.
Disable Floppy Drives
Prevent users from accessing their floppy drives and installing unwanted software.
Folder copy
Have a set of shortcuts you want to copy to everyones desktop? Or a configuration file you need to place on their C Drive? Use the folder copy plugin to copy files and folders to many machines in just a few clicks.
Block IE 7 Automatic Install
Need to keep IE 6 on your network, and want to prevent those dreaded calls after users install IE 7? Use the IE 7 blocker to prevent the automatic install of IE 7.
Block IE 8 Automatic Install
Keep IE 7 standard on your network by blocking the automatic install of IE 8
Block IE 9 Automatic Install
Keep IE 8 standard on your network by blocking the automatic install of IE 9
Kill Processes
This plugin can kill a process by name across your network. Got a piece of spyware that uses a common filename, but keeps randomizing a prefex? Use the wildcard feature to zap them all
Logon Disclaimer
Have legal statements that need to be declared to users before they logon? Use the logon disclaimer to notify them
Manage Services
Stop, Start, and modify services using the manage services plugin
Disable Offline Files
Every fresh install of Windows XP has the Offline Files feature enabled. This annoying functionality can be disabled with this plugin
Change Power Management Settings
Save energy by making changes to the power management settings on computers across your network
Remote Desktop Enabler
Have remote registry access to a remote machine, but remote desktop is disabled? Remote desktop enabler can turn on remote desktop so you can get into that machine asap.
Remote Desktop Port Set
Want to change the port Remote Desktop uses to listen for connections? Use this plugin to change the port that Remote Desktop listens on.
Remote Execute
Got an MSI file you want to install silently on 100 machines? Network Administrator can do it in a few clicks. Build batch files, or VBS files and easily execute them remotely.
Set Background Wallpaper
Have a corporate logo you want to have on everyones background? Use the wallpaper plugin to set it across your network. It will even take care of copying it to the remote host for you
Set Local Administrator Password
Resetting the domain administrator password is easy, but what happens when an employee leaves the company and you have 50 machines with the same local administrator password? Normally, you would walk around to each one and change it. With the Set Local Administrator Password feature you can change it across your network without even getting out of your chair.
Set VNC Password
Use Tight VNC, or Real VNC on your network? Need to change the password on a 100 or 1000 machines? Network Administrator can change them all in one sweep of your network.
Reboot or Shutdown Computers
Quickly shutdown, or reboot computers. You can even set a time limit before your action takes place, and tell users why they need a reboot or shutdown.
Disable USB Flash Drives
Prevent access to USB flash drives, while allowing USB based keyboards, mice, and scanners.
Windows Autologon
Set windows to automatically logon as a specific username and password.
Word Default Document Set
Upgrade to Office 2007, but want users to save in 2003/XP format by default? Use the default document set feature to make this change in a flash.
Disable Control Panel Access
Users keep messing with the control panel, and making life hard for you? Use the control panel plugin to disable access.
Disable that pesky downloaded from the Internet warning
Get rid of that pesky warning you get when trying to execute downloaded files.
Disable the auto maximize feature in Windows 7
In Windows 7, windows will maximize automatically when you drag them to the edge of the monitor. Disable this feature with ease.
Share drive mappings with elevated apps
Have you noticed that in Windows 7 or 2008 you can see mapped drives in an elevated command prompt? This fixes that by enabling mapped drive sharing between standard and elevated apps.
Disable CDROM and DVD Burning
Prevent users from burning DVD and CD Roms No longer will you need to worry about data leaving your network.
Reset The Printer Spooler
Got a printer that corrupts printer jobs once in a while? Stop wasting time deleting them by hand. Use this plugin to quickly clear out the jobs and get printing again.