Download key generator for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.0.1 and Boris Final Effects Complete 6

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - software combines outstanding performance with a sleek, updated user interface and lots of fantastic new creative possibilities, including the strain, a stabilizer for shooting dynamic pruning time, expanded multi-chamber assembly, adjustment layers, and more. Also present in the assembly 2 plugins, Boris Final Effects Complete 6 and Sapphire Visual Effects 6
Boris Final Effect Complete 6 AE - a plugin package, which adds more than 110 video effects and transitions in the program Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CS5.5, CS5.
New, 6-th version includes support for native coverage After Effects. Each FEC-filter has been upgraded to 64-bit operating systems, also changed the user interface, improved support for multi-processor acceleration, and 16-bit color processing, and much more ...
The main distinguishing feature of Final Effects Complete is that it just fits into your existing software for video editing or compositing, adding to them new opportunities to create a fully customizable two-and three-dimensional effects, based on the animated particles.
Final Effects Complete allows you to create a very realistic rain, smoke, snow, fire, hair, the effects of glare and reflections, explosions, transformations (the effect of liquid mercury), color conversion, etc.
GenArts - Sapphire Visual Effects 6
This is one of the most extensive and high-quality visual effects plug-ins package. Contains about 240 plug-ins. Simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to access and configure a wide range of Sapphire for photorealistic and stylistic effects and transitions.
In this version, improved stability and performance effects, and added new effects.