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Daemon Tools Lite - Small in size but powerful features emulator CD / DVD-drive - allow "pick up" any disk image, made by any utility for copying disks (eg, CloneCD), ie can work with what you want "discs" - even with PlayStation. Similarly, in this emulator you can "insert" copied on the hard disk audio-CD or DVD-drives. By the way, to work properly with copies of the "smart" defense, used the CD with the games, the program has special modes SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom and Laserlock ... The program works on all versions of Windows and allows for simultaneous emulation of up to four CD / DVD-drives. The program interface is translated into many languages, including Russian language.
In the arsenal of the amateur game there is always a drive emulation software to read the CD / DVD-ROM drive. This program installs a special driver thanks to which Windows defines a virtual drive and can work with him as with a regular. The only difference is that instead of using this laser disc image files of CD and DVD-media. The advantages of such a program are obvious. First, it can make a copy of a computer game or any other content from CD / DVD, copy-protected. Second, using this program, you will in most cases get a high-speed data read and forget about the "brakes" and "locked up", which often can be observed when working with disks. Well, of course, it increases the service life of the drive and the laser medium. One of the leading application for creating images and work with them, and is the program DAEMON Tools Lite.
"Creating a *. Iso and *. Mds images
"Virtualize up to 4 drives
"Working with images, file formats: *. Iso, *. Nrg, *. B5t, *. B6t, *. Bwt, *. Ccd, *. Cdi, *. Cue, *. Isz
"Compress and password-protect images
"To use a new gadget to the Sidebar in Windows 7, Vista
Changes in 4.46.1:
SPTD 1.83 (Windows 8 support)
Minor fixes.