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Fontographer - home studio to create fonts. Is one of the most used font editor. Simplicity and ease of use, and the ability to perform small but useful special effects allow you to create your own fonts without any problems.
Designed for printers, artists, type designers and professionals who want to change the existing fonts or create new ones from scratch, precise drawing tools can make the program Fontographer font design is extremely simple, if it is necessary, but it can satisfy the wishes of the most experienced designers.
With Fontographer, you can quickly modify existing fonts, add fractions, create different versions of their shrifotov. You can easily scan a handwritten text, recognize it and turn it into a font. Mix any font to create something entirely new. Use respond to the pressure drawing pad to create fonts that match your handwriting, or take advantage of our tool calligraphic pen (Calligraphic Pen), to develop models of calligraphy for invitations and announcements.
You can even insert your company logo font, then insert it into your document in any application, providing the choice of fonts with one click. Think about it - the fonts that you use say a lot about you and your company. Now you can use Fontographer, to develop a library of typefaces that will create the right image for all.