Download key generator for Serif PhotoPlus X5 v15.0.100.54

Use it to edit, enhance, and organise your entire image collection. Remove red eye, restore old photos, add amazing effects and everything in between. You can even perform advanced tasks like editing Raw files, HDR image merging and more. Catalogue your entire photo collection effortlessly in the new PhotoPlus Organiser. Easily create smart albums that update automatically, plus you can tag and rate images for quick sorting and searching. Group similar photos together in stacks to make searching easier and quicker. View your photos where they were taken on a Google Map of the world and with one click, you can upload your photos directly to Facebook or Flickr. The organiser is fantastic for sorting and sharing your photos.
Make stunning photobooks and other projects you can be proud of! Photo Projects, included free with PhotoPlus X5, is a collection of beautiful layouts and amazing graphics that will help you to showcase your photos.
There are projects to help you create photobooks, cards and collages that let your photos do the talking, plus layouts to suit any occasion. So, no matter what kind of photographs you have, youll be able to make something great.
The layouts are powered by the amazing Serif CraftArtist, which gives you instant access to all the tools youll need for customising, printing, and sharing your designs.
Fix red-eye, crop, straighten and adjust your favourite portraits
Improve balance, adjust brightness, contrast and more
Create stylised greyscale shots and crisp black and white logos
Remove blemishes, spots, marks, or scars
Fix red-eye, brighten eyes and whiten teeth
Smooth away wrinkles and laughter lines
Resize using pixel measurements or desired print dimensions
Nearest pixel, bilinear, bicubic and Lanczos3 methods available
Correct black, white, and different colour levels for quality results
Paint away damaged areas with simple and smart healing brushes
Manually tweak images with smart dodge and burn tools
Advanced adjustments include levels and curves controls
Paint with sharpen, blur, smudge, dodge and burn brushes
One-click fixes for fast correction with AutoContrast and AutoLevels
Restrict brightness adjustments to a narrow range of tones
Dedicated correction for balancing under and overexposed regions
Create works of art in an instant with artistic styles presets
Adjust settings to fine tune the look of your artwork
Save your favourite settings as presets for future use
Add Special Effects
Paint with Artistic Brushes
Draw Shapes and Text
Open, edit, and save Animated GIF files, with image optimisation
Clone frames and set durations for cool stop-frame animations
Add amazing effects with smooth motion created automatically
Use different images or add text to frames for animated web graphics
Organise images into albums to enjoy time and time again
Tag images to categorise them just the way you want
View images by date, keyword, and at different sizes
Print and Share images
Make Movie Slideshows
Open, edit and export Photoshop PSD images
Use compatible Photoshop special effects plug-ins
Edit popular file types in perfect quality such as lossless JPG
Open Raw files from over 300 digital camera models
Fully customizable Interface
Key new features and benefits:
Raw image processing process and fix Raw images from digital cameras at the highest quality using the Raw Photo Studio
High Dynamic Range imaging combine shots with different exposures for stunning HDR photos
High Colour Images work with 48-bit colour photos for the highest quality results
Quick and easy image correction and enhancement with the addition of more Studios
New effects such as realistic metal and glass effects add subtle reflections to create eye-catching special effects
Microsoft HD Photo support open and save in this new format which offers significantly better compression efficiency