Download key generator for LinPlug CrX4 v4.0.1 Excl Library-R2R

LinPlug CrX4 v4.0.1 Excl Library-R2R | 8.9MB
CrX4 mixes up your samples in realtime like no other instrument. If you start with a kick sample you may end up with getting a fascinating pad from it, and you should not be astonished to get some punchy drums just from your vocal samples. Its CrX4, samples are only food for its versatile and unique engines, featuring 3 different specialized sample processing generators, an oscillator, a sophisticated noise generator and all the filters and modulations you expect from a fully fledged synthesizer.
Changes 4.0.1 31.Oct 2012:
Arpeggiator Swing is back
fixed LFO Attack not working whith certain Phase settings
fixed EQ could be working even when Gain=0
fixed Gator could be out of sync when used in non 4/4 beats
fixed LFO operation mode not saved
Fixed hangs when switching presets
Compatibility enhancements
Added MIDI output (parameter feedback) for Audio Units