Download key generator for Speedtree Cinema v6.2.3

SpeedTree Cinema delivers a unique procedural and hand modeling approach that lets you create exactly the tree or plant you want, faster than ever before.
SpeedTree Cinema, a software product developed by Interactive Data Visualization, Inc., includes a modeling tool that delivers a unique combination of procedural and hand modeling options. Controls for many tree parameters are offered in an intuitive interface, and individual branches and roots may be drawn and edited in the application. Thousands of leaf and bark textures and a large and growing list of species are available in the SpeedTree Cinema model library, including palms, broadleaves, pines, cacti, shrubs and flowers. Once created, SpeedTree Cinema models can be exported as a mesh in a number of popular formats.
About Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV)
Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV) develops software products with a focus on real-time three dimensional applications for the animation, game development, visual simulation, and animation industries. IDV, a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information about IDV, visit IDVs SpeedTree line, first released in 2002, includes an award-winning real-time version that dominates the worldwide game development industry. Many recent games, from console blockbusters to celebrated online role-playing games, have made prominent use of SpeedTree.