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BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price.
Highly compatible
BricsCAD reads and writes the dwg format and offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD. In addition BricsCAD offers 3D Direct Modeling in native dwg. BricsCAD, so much more than an alternative.
Enabling third party solutions
BricsCAD is the most development friendly CAD platform in the industry. Thanks to industry compatible API``s third party solutions can run on BricsCAD without modifying the source code.
Why BricsCAD?
Not only the full suite of CAD features, but also the combination of compatibility, familiar interface, unmatched support and compelling price make BricsCAD your CAD platform of choice.
Version 13.1.6 - 19/10/2012
DRAGSNAP: system variable to control the snap behavior while ``dragging``, providing an increased WYSIWIG experience. DRAGSNAP controls whether rubberband dynamics are displayed at the current cursor location or at the current snap location.
If DRAGSNAP is 0, dragged entities will be displayed at the cursor location, this is the default behavior.
If DRAGSNAP is 1, dragged entities will be displayed at the current snap location.
Example: assume endpoint snap is active and you draw a circle. When moving the cursor in the proximity of a line, an endpoint snap marker will appear on the line. With DRAGSNAP 0 (Off), the rubberband circle will not be influenced and it``s diameter will be driven by the cursor location. With DRAGSNAP 1 (On), the rubberband circle will change diameter to fit the snapped endpoint, providing WYSIWIG behavior: if you would click at the current cursor location, this snapped rubberband circle would be what you would actually get.
PRINT: improved the handling of image printing method overrides.
MLINE: added an alias ML for the Multiline command.
GDI: added support for the drawing of diamond end and join styles when using GDI device.
SR22675 - DIMENSIONS: improved the behavior of associative dimensions with perpendicular snapping from a fixed point in space.
SR36539 - VIEWS, BACKGROUND IMAGE: a path is no longer needed when specifying the background image. When no path is provided, the support path is searched for the image file.
SR36643 - PUBLISH: added the "Do not publish" option for sheets in a subset, which overrides the publish setting on sheets within that subset.
SR36952 - CUI: added MLINE to the menu.
LOCALIZATION: new splash image dimensions, since some translations did not fit on the reduced-size splash image.
OLE: BricsCAD V13 clipboard content was described as being Bricscad12 instead of Bricscad13.
SELECTION, PREVIEW: when the PreviewDelay preference (= the amount of milliseconds to wait before starting to highlight the entities under the cursor) was set to 0 there was no preview selection highlighting at all. Now it highlights preview selection without delay. If the preference has a value bigger than 1000, a delay of 1000 milliseconds is used.
SHEET SETS: fields failed to update.
UNDEFINE: the UNDEFINE command undesirably disabled application commands from Lisp, BRX, COM.
SR24157 - DIMENSIONS: fixed copying of associative dimensions to a new drawing without copying the entities they were associated with.
SR29709 - DIMENSIONS: when the value of DIMASSOC was 0, and the dimension``s text was overridden, the DIM CONTINUE command used a wrong value.
SR30336 - SELECTION: entities in the selectionset that are on layers set to OFF were rejected by -BHATCH and other commands.
SR32988 - PDFUNDERLAY: fade and contrast properties for PDF underlay were not functional.
SR36124 - BLOCKS: disabled the Explode checkbox in the insert dialog if the block that is being inserted is not explodable.
SR36722 - PRINT: content of PDF-underlay was missing when printing to large formats.
SR36737 - XHARDWARE: fixed generation of SCREWS in the SOCKET RECESS category.
SR36860 - DCL: only integer values were accepted for the attribute edit_width.
SR36935 - COPY: a message ``Not allowed for this proxy`` appeared when trying to copy entities in certain drawings. The cause was a problem that occurred when cloning associative networks.
SR36964 - ZOOM: scroll zoom performance for drawings containing a large number of dashed splines had dropped in V13.
SR36969 - MTEXT: the FIELD button in the MText editor was disabled when entering new Mtexts.
SR36970 - QLEADER: the "no limit" check box was not obeyed.
SR37034 - LOCALIZATION: the autocomplete panel did not add an ``_`` in front of global commands, which caused them to work in the English version only.
APIs (LISP,SDS,BRX): ssget() selection performance had dropped in V13, this has been fixed.
SR34615 - LISP: a wrong selection point was returned by (entsel), in case the active snapping point existed before calling (entsel).
SR35553 - BRX: implemented IAcPiPropertyDisplay interface.
SR36960 - LISP, SDS, BRX: when accessing the POLARANG system variable via APIs, it now correctly uses a RADIAN value for input and output.
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