Download key generator for Lira 9.6 R5 SCAD 11.5 Monomax 4.5 R3

Lira 9.6 R5, SCAD 11.5, Monomax 4.5 R3
"LIRA multifunctional software package that is designed for the design and calculation of building and engineering designs for various purposes. The calculation is performed on the static (force and deformation) and dynamic effects. Performed selection or check sections of steel and (or) reinforced concrete structures. Issued sketches and working drawings KM separate reinforced concrete elements.
"MONOMAKH software package designed for analysis and design of reinforced concrete and brick structures of multi-storey buildings with plans of arbitrary configuration. Program generates drawings of beams, columns, foundations and retaining walls, as well as schemes of reinforcement plates and walls.
SCAD Office - the new generation system, developed by engineers for engineers and implemented by a team of experienced programmers. The system includes a high-performance computer system SCAD version 11.5, and a range of designing and supporting programs that are possible to solve problems of analysis and design of steel and concrete structures. The system is constantly evolving, improving the user interface and computational capabilities include designing new components.