Download key generator for Nero Multimedia Suite + Nero ContentPack 12.0.02000 | 1.04GB

Nero Multimedia Suite + Nero ContentPack 12.0.02000 | 1.04GB
Best in class package of Nero 12 Platinum simplifies access to cloud storage, playback Blu-ray Disc and support for mobile devices to synchronize playlists, iTunes , pictures and video on smartphones and Tablet PCs Android . You get a really full-fledged video editing tools, as well as innovative technology convert videos to watch movies on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Additional Information:
Follow streaming movies, slideshows with photos and music playlists in your home theater
Avoid the need to re-create photo albums, slide - shows or music playlists for streaming on various home devices. Thanks to Nero 12 Platinum, you can create these objects only once, and then play them on devices XBOX 360 , PS3 , iPad , tablets Android, PCs, digital media adapters, TV supporting streaming, and other devices that support DLNA and UPnP ***.
One player for all formats of video and music
Forget about the difficulties associated with the use of different players for audio - and video discs, as well as files. With Nero 12 Platinum, you can use one media player that supports all formats.
Full support for progressive HD video AVCHD
Import, edit and export video in progressive (50p/60p) format AVCHD . Fast video output SmartEncoding. Copy video discs in almost any video file format. Nero 12 Platinum can perform almost any operation with high-definition video to view it in high quality on any device.
Use the latest high-quality video formats to convert, edit and burn movies
AVC/264, MKV, MP4, 3GP, AVI ... almost impossible to find a video format or codec not supported by Nero 12 Platinum.
Give your home videos charm
Improve your home videos with more than 800 easy-to-use video effects, themed templates and disc menus. Now, thanks to Nero 12 Platinum can stabilize shaking video shot from a smartphone or handheld camera. Make a touch of nostalgia, using excellent effects retro styling and themes - movies. Create disc Blu-ray or DVD-Video Hollywood-quality menu, navigation, graphics and text.
Digitize, finally, your collection of movies on analog media
Return, finally, to the project, which was so long to deal with. Convert all analog movies to disc format Blu-ray , DVD, or virtually any file format to play on their players.
Protect your data with improved support for backup devices
From financial records and finishing precious photos ... Back up your most important data are regularly and automatically. Now you can save backups to hard drives larger than 2 TB, as well as USB 3.0 storage device of the new generation. In addition, there is the ability to automatically detect and configure NAS devices for network backup and data backup to the cloud.
Burn large data files across multiple disks to save space
Thanks to a completely new feature Nero DiscSpan SmartFit can automatically split large files for burning to multiple drives. You can even use this for some types of discs (CD, DVD and Blu-ray), to reduce the number of carriers.
Many free tools to facilitate the work
Create professional-looking covers and labels discs. Mix your own music tracks, and edit audio files to suit your needs. When you upgrade to Nero 12 Platinum can download Nero CoverDesigner, Nero SoundTrax and Nero WaveEditor completely free!
You reach the desired results much faster than before
Thanks to the many improvements in performance, starting with video coding through hardware acceleration and finishing module installer that lets you install and run the application in 5 minutes, getting the desired results have not been so easy and convenient, as in Nero 12 Platinum. By substantially improving the library - a key component of Nero 12 Platinum - for different applications has never been more so simple, but to find and use the photos, songs and videos as fast.
Full support for Windows 8, so that the transition to the new system is up to you
Do not click on Windows 8 without Nero 12 Platinum, so how can you lose playback of DVD and Blu-ray on your PC, record DVD-ROM drive and capture TV. Think wait before upgrade the OS? Do not worry, Nero 12 Platinum works perfectly in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
The procedure for treatment:
1. Uninstall the previous version of the Internet is not disabled.
2. Run Nero_Platinum-12.0.02000. Exe and follow the instructions of the installer. Serial number to install: 901E-0190-XL1C-8PML-7P7Z-8H70-CL4Z-X129
3. Run Nero_ContentPack-12.0.00400. Exe and follow the instructions of the installer.
5. Run Nero ControlCenter and update software.
6. From the folder "Patch" run "as administrator" Patch.exe and patch.
7. Run Nero ControlCenter and add serial number DTS Plug-In and Serial Number mp3PRO
8. Reboot the computer and no longer update the software.
DTS Plug-In:
mp3PRO Plug-In: