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BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price.
Highly compatible
BricsCAD reads and writes the dwg format and offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD. In addition BricsCAD offers 3D Direct Modeling in native dwg. BricsCAD, so much more than an alternative.
Enabling third party solutions
BricsCAD is the most development friendly CAD platform in the industry. Thanks to industry compatible API's third party solutions can run on BricsCAD without modifying the source code.
Why BricsCAD?
Not only the full suite of CAD features, but also the combination of compatibility, familiar interface, unmatched support and compelling price make BricsCAD your CAD platform of choice.
Version 13.1.5 - 15/10/2012
Important note
V13 is not binary compatible with V12. API's have changed and V13 is built using MSVC2010 instead of MSVC2005.
Most 3rd party applications/tools, except scripts and applications written in Lisp, will need to be rebuilt by their manufacturer in order to run on V13.
This also implies that Windows XP users have to make sure to use Service Pack 3 or higher.
MCAD ASSEMBLY MODELING - (Platinum version only):
Uses .dwg files organized in hierarchical structures of mechanical components to model complex products. Example projects are provided in the \Samples\Mechanical folder.
Standard X-Hardware parts (screws, nuts, bearings, ...) can be used as mechanical components.
MECHANICAL BROWSER: browse the component hierarchy.
BILL OF MATERIALS: list top-level or bottom-level mechanical components used in a drawing.
ASSEMBLY CONSTRAINTS: apply 3D constraints between faces and edges of different mechanical components.
KINEMATIC ANALYSIS: use DmMove and DmRotate commands for real-time solving of forward and inverse kinematic problems.
Assembly Modeling commands:
BmBrowser: toggle the visibility of the Mechanical Browser
BmUpdate: update the hierarchy of mechanical components for the current drawing
BmNew: create a new mechanical component as a new drawing document
BmInsert: insert an existing mechanical component into the current drawing
BmForm: form a new mechanical component and insert it into the current drawing
BmDissolve: dissolve a mechanical component inserted into the current drawing
BmMech: convert the current drawing into a mechanical component
BmUnmech: convert the current mechanical component into a plain drawing
BmHardware: insert a standard hardware part as a mechanical component
BmHide: hide a mechanical component inserted in the current drawing
BmShow: show a hidden mechanical component
BmBom: insert the Bill-of-Materials (BOM) table into the current drawing
BmRemove: remove an insert of a mechanical component from the current drawing
BmXConvert: convert all X-Hardware solids present in the current drawing into mechanical components
2D CONSTRAINTS: EXPRESSIONS can now be used to define 2DCONSTRAINT dimensions. CLEANUNUSEDVARIABLES command purges variables not used in constraint expressions and not linked to dimensions.
Constraints can now be imposed between sub-entities of block references.
Constraints are now maintained on COPY/COPYCLIP/PASTECLIP/BLOCK/INSERT/EXPLODE/WBLOCK commands.
DMANGLE3D: the axis for 3D angle constraints can now be chosen (automatically or manually), allowing to change the angle parameter over 180 degrees.
ARRAY dialog: offers control and feedback for the various array command settings.
ATTREDEF: command for redefining attributes of existing blocks.
ATTSYNC: command for synchronizing attributes of block inserts whose attribute definitions were modified.
BATTMAN: dialog for managing attribute definitions of existing blocks.
Added support for Locked position and Multiline properties of attribute entities.
AUTOCOMPLETE: command line auto completion.
CHAPOO has been integrated into BricsCAD. CHAPOO allows to upload, share, view, annotate drawings and documents. Chapoo will become functional when the servers become available online.
DIMREASSOCIATE: command for (re)associating dimensions to existing entities.
DMMOVE/DMROTATE commands can now be applied to block references.
DMREVOLVE/DMEXTRUDE: can now be applied to faces of solids.
DMROTATE/DMREVOLVE: cylinders and other axial surfaces can now be used as rotation axis.
DMSELECTEDGES: Quad command for faster 3d solid edges selection.
system variable to configure the priority of the docking areas in the BricsCAD application window.
The priority sequence used to be hardcoded: Top > Bottom > Left > Right.
Now it was made configurable and the new default is Top > Left > Right > Bottom.
When e.g. docking the Properties Bar at the right and docking the command line contol at the bottom, the command line will no longer claim the full width but instead give way to the Properties Bar to extend to the bottom.
DYNAMIC UCS: dynamically align the UCS with faces of 3D solids when hovering over these faces during execution of commands.
UCSDETECT system variable controls activation of dynamic UCS detection.
Press the F6 key or click the DUCS field on the status bar to toggle UCS detection On/Off.
HIDE: enabled the HIDE command in paperspace and added the 'Hide paperspace objects' option to the Print settings.
MLINE: command for multiline creation. Support for snapping and grip-editing of multilines has been added.
MLSTYLE: command for creating and editing multiline styles.
PARALLELIZATION: enabled multi-threaded display regeneration, using multiple processor cores. MTFLAGS and MAXTHREADS system variables were added to control multi-threading aspects.
SHADE PLOT: property for paperspace and modelspace viewports . This property is applied during printing, it overrides the visual style of a viewport.
Enabled printing of layouts containing combinations of viewports using different visual styles.
DISPPAPERMARGINS: system variable to control the display of the printable area.
SR28726, SR29997, SR33003, SR33335, SR33890 and others - PRINT: implemented support for fine-tuneable printing of transparent images. When a problem is encountered while printing transparent images to a certain printer type, the ImagePrinting.xml configuration file in the plotter configuration folder now offers improved control by allowing to override the default settings with specific per-printer settings. The file contains documentation on how to use it.
SR34409 - PRINT: added support for plot style's line-end caps and joints in plot and plot preview.
TrueType fonts can now be printed as text instead of geometry, which makes them searchable in PDF prints and which reduces the size of the print output. This is controlled by the "Truetype Text" setting in the PC3 file, and if no PC3 is used, by the system variable TTFASTEXT.
If TEXTFILL is off, text is always printed as geometry.
BACKGROUNDPLOT: system variable controls whether documents are published in the current session or in a BricsCAD session running in the background, thus allowing to continue drawing while printing.
/pl command line switch has been added for background (silent, without showing the main program window) publishing using DSD files. Format is '/pl [[path]name[.ext]]'. If the file name parameter is absent, the program just exits. If the file extension is absent, ".dsd" is added to the filename. File searching is done according to usual OS rules. If the DSD file is found, publishing is invoked according to the DSD file, and upon completion the program exits. When BricsCAD is started with the '/pl' switch, it ignores the SingletonMode setting thus allowing multiple instances.
Page Setups from other drawings can now be imported.
SR35875: added 'Move Sheet(s) Up/Down' and 'Reverse Sheet Order' buttons and functionality.
QLEADER: command and dialog were added. They allow to avoid specifying the same leader options over and over again.
combine multiple views on a sheet
combine multi