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Cinema 4D Studio R13.061 (build RC 59660) x64 | windows |
CINEMA 4D Prime's intuitive interface is designed to ease you in to the powerful and exciting world of 3D graphics. With CINEMA 4D Prime you can start creating great-looking 3D images only hours after getting to know the application. Also, the included tutorials make understanding CINEMA 4D quick and easy.
Adding CINEMA 4D Prime to your existing pipeline of 2D applications opens up a wealth of new design possibilities. For example: turn 2D artwork into 3D elements using import options such as Illustrator or EPS, or simply combine images or movies with 3D objects.
CINEMA 4D Prime's powerful tools let you create images and animations suited to any industry. 3D logo, illustrations, buildings, space ships - or whatever you want to create - you can rely on CINEMA 4D Prime.
After double-click, be patient... It takes 1 or 2 minutes to load on a quad-core.
Look in...
menus: plugins, script>userScripts
palette: contentBrowser>presets
top-toolbar: the blue globe at the right
... You'll find lots of goodies (vray, turbulence, gsg packs, dpitPlants&Fx, xfrog, etc).
side toolbar: extra tools from
If the viewfinder is black at app. start, it's probably an openGL problem.
For ATI drivers try the latest one or revert to "catalyst 12.3" (that one works).
Most of the credits go to X-force and Mus3 for curing this app & it's plugins.
In extras folder there is broadcast & prime libs... plus 3 other libs I couldn't put in the app coz spoonStudio limits it's size to around 4gb.
The keygens for c4d and some plugins are included if you ever need them.
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