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Windows & Linux | 32Bit & 64Bit
All designersfrom those who require a highly automated, pushbutton flow to those who are extremely hands-onwill be able to design even the largest Xilinx devices far faster and more effectively than before, while working in a state-of-the-art EDA environment that retains a familiar, intuitive look and feel.
The Xilinx Vivado Design Suite is a revolutionary IP and system-centric design environment built from the ground up to accelerate the design of not only programmable logic in FPGAs but the design of All Programmable SoCs and 3D ICs.
The software package Xilinx ISE Design Suite v14.2 is designed to implement digital systems on FPGA company Xilinx.
Xilinx design solutions continue to lower overall design costs with new technology and faster performance than any other PLD solution. Achieve greater system-level design productivity and bring products to production faster with breakthrough technologies in the Xilinx ISE Design Suite. Built on methodologies to enable team design, power optimization, and to simplify IP integration, the ISE Design Suite unlocks full potential of Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms with configurations for logic, embedded, and DSP designs all available with tightly integrated design flows.
Accelerating Design Integration
The Vivado Design Suite is built for current and future high-capacity device families while providing exceptional design integration and analysis. The IP-centric design flows shorten time to integration, turning designs and algorithms into reusable IP that can be abstractly and accurately assembled. The open design environment embraces industry standards to improve ease-of-use by supporting already familiar standards as well as third party ecosystem support for IP and tool flows. Further accelerating design integration are the Vivado High-Level Synthesis and System Generator for DSP tools, enabling high-level specifications to be directly synthesized into VHDL and Verilog RTL.
Accelerating Verification and Debug
Xilinx uniquely provides mixed-language simulation with the Vivado simulator. Tightly integrated into the Vivado IDE to shorten learning curves and accelerate productivity, users can launch simulations with a single click of the mouse and view results in the waveform viewer. Vivado simulations are accelerated up to 3x faster than the Xilinx ISE Simulator. Gate level simulations can also be accelerated up to 100x using hardware co-simulation. Debug is accelerated with advanced cross probing and the Vivado Logic Analyzer, providing visibility in hardware of any internal signal.
Accelerating Design Implementation
The Vivado Design Suite enables faster time to implementation achieved through analytical place-and-route technology which simultaneously optimizes for congestion, wire length, and timing. Vivado also supports hierarchical design flows which enable team design, out-of-context design reuse, and partial reconfiguration allowing each block to be individually designed and implemented outside of the complete design.
Design Tools Integrated in One Design Environment
Vivado Design Edition Simplifies design integration and implementation. The Design Edition enables new levels of flexibility for designing, integrating, implementing and reusing modules.
Front-to-back support for logic and embedded system design
IP-centric design flow, providing up to a 4X run-time improvement
Support for Xilinx 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC?
Vivado System Edition Accelerates design implementation directly from MATLAB, Simulink, C, C++ and System C specifications into the FPGA
Superset of Design Edition tools with the same front-to-back support for logic and embedded system design
Vivado High-Level Synthesis, with support for C/C++/SystemC algorithms
System Generator for DSP, the leading high-level tool for designing FPGA-based high-performance DSP systems
Extras. Information:
Vivado Design Suite (All Editions)
Vivado High Level Synthesis (HLS)
Documentation Navigator
ISE WebPACK (Free)
ISE Design Suite (All Editions)
System Generator for DSP
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Lab Tools: Standalone Installation
Date of Release: 2012
Version: 14 Build 2
Developer: Xilinx Corporation
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English
Tabletka: None
System Requirements: Windows, Linux,32/64-bit