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New verssiya popular program for navigation and route planning for Europe for freight transport.
It is primarily intended for freight forwarders transport companies,
but very convenient for the driver when podschete route, search for addresses and GPS navigachii. You can ustonovit any parameters, and profile (barrel opasnyi cargo) gruzavika. Allows you to pave the route alternativ ische 4 shows the amplitude podschitonogo route and Comrades
Seriously, no income - no 3D view when navigachii.
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Map & Guide Desktop 2012 v18.0 Europe City PTV map & guide is the transport route planner in Europe - and a strong
Product Brand of the PTV in the transport environment:
- The map & guide kilometers is the standard for the transport industry
- Over 50,000 users plan and calculate map & guide
- Map & guide offers optimized route planning with truck best quality cards
- With integrated truck and hazardous goods data plan from agents Start properly and avoid costly detours
- Map & guide is the first with detailed directions, route-related emission calculations
The Europe City map contains detailed maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal? (with Stadtplaenen far available) (Detailed Network). Plus Major Roads Network (Overland Network with the most important arterial roads and any Cities and locations (location points).
- Requirements -
- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7
- Pentium 4 3 GHz
- 2 GB of memory
- 9 GB of free hard disk space
- Install-Notes -
- Unrar the files
- Image burn or mount in a virtual drive
- Setup install and start
- The instructions from \ CYGiSO \ readme.txt follow
- Ready