Download key generator for Avid Studio 1.0 + Pinnacle Studio 15 + Content Light v.1.0 With SmartSound Collection

Company Avid represents a unique combination of top notch audio and video technologies for working with video files at home.For the first time in a combined program easy to use, intuitive interface and great features, previously only available to Hollywood directors. Through AVID Studio you can create masterpieces on the level of professionals!
On the other assemblies there is no compatibility
It is recommended to update after installing the following components.
List on 08.12.2011:
Pixelan CreativEase
Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro
Sonicfire Pro
20 Cents Montage Themes Collection
Hollywood FX: Declic Video
The content of the assembly:
* - Only for Pinnacle Studio 15
*** - Only for Avid Studio 1.0
Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection
Microsoft. NET Framework 3.51 SP1
Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0
CyberLink UDF Reader 2.5
Microsoft DirectX (June 2010)
Windows Media Video 9 VCM
Windows Media Player 11
QuickTime Pro 7.6.9 (1680.9)
proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol.1
proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol.2
proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol.3
proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol.4
proDAD Heroglyph Creative Pack Vol.5
proDAD Mercalli 2.0.88
proDAD VitaScene 2.0.106
proDAD VitaScene Training Package 1
Creative Pack Volume 1
Creative Pack Volume 2 - Seasons
Creative Pack Volume 3 - Kids
Hollywood FX Volume 1-3
Premium Pack Volume 1-2
ScoreFitter Volume 1
ScoreFitter Volume 2
ScoreFitter Volume 3
Winter Pack
Title Extreme
Hollywood FX: Chinese
Hollywood FX: David Star
Hollywood FX: Declic Video
Hollywood FX: Indian
Hollywood FX: Pixel 63
Hollywood FX: Weddings GPD
* Video Plugins: Bravo Studio Pack 1-3
* Video Plugins: BS Effects
* Video Plugins: BWPlugins Pack 1-3
* Video Plugins: Camera POV
Video Plugins: Canal +
* Video Plugins: Dziedzic Pack
Video Plugins: FX
Video Plugins: KHT
* Video Plugins: Liquid 3D Editor
* Video Plugins: Liquid Mosaic
* Video Plugins: Liquid RGB Difference Key
Video Plugins: MisterZ
* Video Plugins: Neat Video 2.22.01
* Video Plugins: NewBlue Video
* Video Plugins: Pixelan CreativEase 1.0
* Video Plugins: Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5
Video Plugins: Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
Eric Escobar's Indie Film for Looks (Presets for Magic Bullet Looks)
Simon Walker's Weddings & Events for Looks (Presets for Magic Bullet Looks)
Nick Campbell's Vintage Film for Looks 2010 (Presets for Magic Bullet Looks)
Stu Maschwitz's Rebel Epic for Looks (Presets for Magic Bullet Looks)
Awesome Looks by Brent Pierce (Presets for Magic Bullet Looks)
Video Plugins: Red Giant Knoll Light Factory
Video Plugins: Red Giant ToonIt
Video Plugins: Red Giant Trapcode 3D Stroke
Video Plugins: Red Giant Trapcode Particular
Video Plugins: Red Giant Trapcode Shine
* Video Plugins: RTFX Volume 2
* Video Plugins: Stage Tools
* Video Plugins: Vance Effects
* Video Plugins: TimeCode
* Video Plugins: Vdub2RTFx
* Video Plugins: WL Filter
Sonicfire Pro or SmartSound Avid Studio Plug-In
Sonicfire Pro 5 Video Tutorials
* Sound Plugins: Alien
* Sound Plugins: BIAS SoundSoap 2.01