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PcSuite Defrag Pro optimizes your hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc. thanks to numerous innovative defragmentation methods. The 3-zone optimization algorithm increases the speed at which you access your data and programs, providing the best protection against refragmentation.
Innovative 3-zone optimization algorithm for maximum performance and preventing refragmentation
New optimization methods
Background defragmentation with automatic adjustment of system load
Sequential and parallel optimization of data storage media, partitions and files
Freely definable exception list of files that should be excluded from the optimization process
Extensive task scheduling for fully automatic defragmentation of data storage media with an adjustable CPU load
Monitors your data storage media in the background and automatically carries out defragmentation when a defragmentation level is exceeded
Visualizes the status of the data storage medium and its defragmentation
Version for limited user accounts that can be activated/deactivated at the administrators discretion
Preparations for repartitioning: moves your data to the start/end of a partition to be able to increase or reduce partitions.